Going Bald: How to Lose Your Hair with Dignity

Photo by: Bigstockphoto
Photo by: Bigstockphoto

You see it happening little by little every day: your hair is thinning out. You tried different ways to make the bald spots less noticeable until one day, you just can’t hide the problem anymore. Baldness affects 35 million men in the US alone.

Poor nutrition, genetics, trauma, and certain medical conditions could cause baldness. And most times, people who are losing their hair struggle with the issue. A full head of hair usually symbolizes youth and vigor. Being bald when barely hitting the 30s have an adverse effect to a person’s self-esteem and confidence.

But you can turn things around and own a bald head. You might feel naked but trust us, you can look good with a clean cut head. In today’s post, we are listing down tips on how to embrace the baldness and lose hair with dignity.

Accept the Baldness

For men, hair thinning starts as early as puberty. But most men lose their hair around their 30s. By their 50s, half of all men have lost hair. This shows that baldness is a way of life. At some point, we will lose our hair.

Generally, baldness is hereditary. In men, baldness is passed down predominantly on the mother’s side. This means if your maternal grandfather or uncle is going bald, there’s a good chance you’ll lose your hair too. If this is the case with you, accept the fact that one day, you’d go bald. Just get that out of your system.

Resist the Comb-Over

Hiding your balding head won’t get rid of the problem. If you can afford a hair transplant that resettle hair from the side and back of the head on the top then go for it.

If you don’t have the budget for such expensive procedure, resist the urge to comb over what’s left of your hair in an effort to hide your bald spot. You’ll only make your bald spot more noticeable if you do the dreaded comb-over. Toupees and hairpieces are expensive and can look very fake. Our advice is to embrace the baldness.

Shave Your Head

Yes, you can look good even if you’re completely bald. Just look at Bruce Willis, Ed Harris, Jason Statham, Billy Zane, Tyrese Gibson, Sir Patrick Stewart, the list goes on and on. Your hair is just a small part of who you are. Rather than holding on to what little hair you have on top of your head left, shave it all off and own it.

Get electric shears to trim away the longer hair. Then, get a shaving cream, apply the product on your head and start shaving. Begin from the top of the head then down with the grain. You can use whatever brand of razor. Rinse it all off and you’d be surprised at how sharp and “clean” you look with a bald head.


The great thing about going completely bald is that you save a lot of money on haircuts and hair products. But that doesn’t mean you’re can just leave your bald head as it is. Invest in a moisturizing soap to keep the scalp hydrated.

Apply a non-comedogenic, fragrance-free moisturizer on your head after every bath. Finally, protect your dome from the sun’s harsh rays with a sunblock.

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