Greek Yogurt for Faster Weight Loss?

Photo by: Bigstockphoto
Photo by: Bigstockphoto

When it comes to losing weight, there are other things you have to consider other than the amount of calories you consume. One such thing to consider is your food’s glycemic index.

Glycemic index refers to the speed at which a specific food raises your blood sugar level. For example, foods with high glycemic index will raise your blood sugar level while foods with low glycemic index won’t elevate your blood sugar level that much.

When adopting a diet with low glycemic index, you need to go for those with 55 or less glycemic index. One of the most popular foods with low glycemic index is Greek or plain yogurt. It only has a glycemic index of 14. In comparison, frozen yogurt—the sweet treats that are so popular right now—has a glycemic index of 36 due to the added sugar, flavorings, and fruits in the mix.

Tracking the glycemic index of foods is not reserved for dieters alone. It’s also a great way for diabetics and hypoglycemic people to manage the kinds of food they eat every day. People afflicted with diabetes and hypoglycemia cannot process glucose properly and this leads to a myriad of health problems. Through the glycemic index, people afflicted with these disorders can make better food choices and keep an eye on their portions.

A diet that requires low glycemic index is focused mostly on managing food portions. It’s also a must for those who want to keep their blood sugar level normal. In addition, glycemic index does not address the composition of foods. For example, a regular chocolate bar could have lower glycemic index than a bowl of oatmeal, and so on.

The Benefits of Low Glycemic Foods Like Yogurt

The problem with consuming foods with high glycemic index is that long after it raises your blood sugar level, you will experience a crash when blood sugar drops. And when your blood sugar drops, you will feel irritated, fatigued, and have a strong urge to eat more sugar-rich foods just to compensate for the dip in glucose.

What makes plain yogurt an ideal food for dieters is that it’s packed with vitamins and minerals yet is low glycemic. Greek yogurt will normalize your blood sugar level; it will help achieve normal brain function while also curbing the appetite. When your blood sugar level is normal, you don’t feel a strong urge to eat fattening food. It will also give you an easier time to track your progress.

Greek yogurt is high in calcium and free from artificial flavorings and sweeteners that frozen yogurt has. It also contains good bacteria that helps improve digestive functions and boosts general health. Do note that although plain yogurt has low glycemic index, it’s not necessarily fat free. Excessive fat consumption will cause cardiovascular diseases.

So always choose plain or Greek yogurt with reduced fat or fat free. Serve it with a handful of fresh fruits like organic strawberries, blueberries, or even cherries to increase its nutritional value or eat it as it is. Regular consumption of plain yogurt may help you shed weight, achieve better digestion, and improve bone health.

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