Hair Care and Styling Tips and Tricks to Add Volume to Limp, Thin Hair

Photo credit: Bigstockphoto
Photo credit: Bigstockphoto

If you have limp or thin hair, then you know the struggle to style the tresses is real! It’s hard to style the hair when it lays flat as a pancake. But before you run to the nearest salon to achieve big, va-va-voom hair, consider these super simple (and effective!) hair care and styling tips:

Air or Blow Dry the Hair Upside Down

This is an excellent trick to achieve fast, fuss-free volumized hair! Instead of air drying or blow drying your hair the usual way, bring the head back down and start drying the tresses. If you have very curly hair, run your fingers through the tresses as they dry out. By drying the hair upside down, the roots will stand on the opposite direction. When you flip your hair, you get volume and body!

Do Not Pile Styling Products On

Are you prone to using at least three styling products to achieve big, bouncy hair? Don’t. Piling on too many volumizing creams and mousse will only weigh the hair down. In the end, the hair will fall flat and lifeless! If you have very fine hair, always keep the styling products to a bare minimum. You can opt for a texturizing mist to pump up the volume instead of various thickening hair products.

Avoid Thick Conditioners

Yes, nix that thick, über emollient conditioner you’ve always loved. It could be the culprit behind your limp hair. Thick conditioner weighs the hair down because of oil buildup. This causes extra weight on the roots of the hair. But if you cannot part ways with your conditioner, here’s a tip: instead of applying conditioner after shampooing, do it before shampooing. The hair will be just as soft and tangle-free when you switch your hair-washing ritual. Also, never apply conditioner on the roots of the hair. Keep the product on the length of the hair instead. Doing so will weigh hair down and even lead to dandruff.

Keep the Hair Length Short

When it comes to hairstyle, the rule of thumb is: the less weight, the more volume. Long hair tends to fall flatter because the weight of the hair is pulled down. By keeping the hair short, you get more volume. Case to point: the bob. Bobs are the best hairstyle for women with perennially limp hair! You can ask your stylist which bob suits your face shape and hair texture the best.

Braid and Release

Here’s a great way to add texture to hopelessly limp hair without spending a dime: braid damp hair then let it dry completely. Once it dries, remove the braid, spritz a little texturizing spray on the roots and you get big, beautiful tresses! Remember, the finer the braid, the curlier the hair gets. If you want cascading hair with medium curls, keep the braid large.

Never Sleep with Wet Hair

Don’t be lazy, wait until the hair is completely dry before retiring to bed. If you don’t, you’ll wake up with very limp, stubborn hair! If you don’t have the patience to wait for your hair to dry, air dry your hair using a desk fan.

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