Hair Extensions by Types: Which Method is Right For You?

Photo by: Bigstockphoto
Photo by: Bigstockphoto

Hair extensions are quick, easy ways to add length and volume to the hair. It’s a great way to achieve certain hairstyles too. They are also used to create different looks for various events. Hair extensions are made the same way: synthetic or real human hair is weaved into a weft. A weft is a fine thread that holds the hair together. As far as application goes, there are different methods to apply hair extensions. These methods are:

Glue-In or Pre-Bonded

This method requires the hair to be attached using keratin bonds. The keratin bond is applied on the tips of the extensions then bonded into the hair with a hot tool. Of all hair extension methods, this is the hardest to manage. You can’t put oils or conditioner in your hair. These hair products could break down the keratin bond. Also, you have to visit the salon regularly to maintain the extensions. When washing the hair, only condition the lengths of your hair. If you’re styling your hair, only heat the lengths of the hair, not the bonds. The heat will also break down the keratin bond.

Clip In

This is the easiest way to apply hair extensions to the hair, it’s also the most affordable. Essentially, the hair extension is attached to hair clips. The clips are attached where you need them to be. Clip in hair extensions come in various styles to achieve a natural looking effect. You can apply the extensions yourself too. This is a great method for beginners. Clip in hair extensions is fairly easily to maintain. They can last even longer than permanent extensions.

Micro Rings

Micro rings hair extensions are fitted with rings made from silicone. The rings are colored to match your hair color. To attach the hair extensions, a stylist will loop your real hair with fake hair through a micro ring. The ring is then flattened out. The process is repeated several times to achieve the desired volume or length. As long as you maintain your hair, the extensions should last for five months.


This method is best for those with thick, unruly or coarse hair. The hair extension is sewn into the real hair in a tightly braided section. The process can be lengthy. If it’s your first time, your scalp will hurt a bit. Let your stylist know if the braid is too tight.

Just like pre-bonded extensions, sewn-in extensions require frequent trips to the salon. This helps keep the extensions secure as your own hair grows longer.  As long as you keep your salon appointments, the extensions will last for 5 to 6 months.


The extensions are bonded with tape. Your hair is applied between the extensions. The tape is then clamped to secure the hair extension in place. This method offers a natural-looking result and it’s not as high maintenance as other hair extension methods. Taped-in hair extensions should last up to six months. The only downside? This is the most expensive hair extension method of all. If you want lasting results and you have the budget for it, tape in hair extension is a great option for you.

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