Halimeter® Uses and Benefits

Photo by: Bigstockphoto
Photo by: Bigstockphoto

Halitosis – more commonly known as bad breath – is a condition that causes foul-smelling breath. Tooth decay, gum disease, and digestive issues often cause this condition. Although halitosis is deemed as an oral health problem, it’s actually a symptom of other health issues. Bacteria in the tongue and gum line as well as nasal and stomach problems could cause bad breath. Bad breath could be a sign of liver failure too but this is a very rare case.

There are different ways to treat bad breath. And when it comes to treatment, you want to go for those that addresses the condition, rather than treatments that only mask the symptoms. One way to take care of bad breath is by using a Halimeter®.

What is a Halimeter®?

Studies show that an increased level of dimethyl sulfide, hydrogen sulfide or methyl mercaptan is a sign of bad breath. These volatile sulfur compounds are the root cause of chronic halitosis. A halimeter® is a tool that “detects” bad breath by measuring the level of chemicals in the breath.

The machine works just like a breath analyzer used to detect alcohol in exhaled breath. The halimeter® was developed in the 70s to measure the level of volatile sulfur in the air. Then, it was developed as a tool to improve oral health.

To use a halimeter®, you will blow or exhale into a special tube. The exhaled breath is analyzed by the halimeter® for enzymes and chemicals in the breath. Using the halimeter® helps monitor the level of volatile sulfur in the breath, allowing a dentist to resolve the root cause of halitosis.

Halimeter® is used by a dentist. After the test, your dentist will give you a comprehensive dental exam, take note of your family history, and recommend remedies to treat the condition. Most times, a dentist could uncover health problems and underlying causes of bad breath such as liver or heart disease. With a halimeter®, your dentist can track your progress, measure the level of volatile sulfur in your breath, and check if any of the remedies recommended was working.

Benefits of a Halimeter®

Resolves the Root Cause of Halitosis

Halimeter® makes it easier for an oral health specialist to determine what’s causing bad breath. Instead of simply masking bad breath with mints, breath sprays, or chewing gum, a halimeter® will get rid of the problem completely.

Treats Chronic Halitosis

The difference between halitosis and chronic halitosis is that the latter comes and goes regularly. An underlying disease such as heart problem, liver disorders, diabetes, and hypertension typically causes chronic halitosis. Chronic halitosis will not go away without drastic changes made in your diet and lifestyle. A halimeter® makes it easier for dentists to determine if you are suffering from acute or chronic halitosis.

Address Oral Health Problems

Did you know that people with gaps in between teeth are more likely to develop halitosis? Food debris is lodged in the gaps, causing bad breath. A halimeter® makes it easier for a dentist to check if gaps between the teeth are causing foul breath. And if they are, your dentist will recommend various teeth re-alignment methods to reduce the gaps between your teeth.

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