Hat Styles by Face Shape

Photo by: Bigstockphoto
Photo by: Bigstockphoto

Since the summer season is upon us, hats are an excellent way to protect the face from the sun. But just like sunglasses, some hats flatter certain face shapes and look awkward on others. And when you’re shopping for hats, you have to know your face shape. In today’s post, we are listing down the most flattering hat styles by face shape:

Square Face Shape

Do you have strong, angular jaw and wide forehead? Are your cheekbones straight and the chin square or flat? Do you have sharp features and a strong jawline? If the answer is yes, you have the quintessential square face shape. Choose hats that will elongate the face and add flirty, feminine silhouettes. Wide brim hats like floppy hats and bowler hats are the most flattering to square face shape. These hats add soft, curvy lines that balance the face.

Oval Face Shape

Is your hairline slightly wider than your lower face? Does your face resemble that of an inverted egg shape? Is your jawline softly rounded at the temples and narrower at the chin? You have an oval face shape. And lucky you, most hat styles will flatter your face shape! Fedoras, beanies, and newsboy hats will work great for oval-shaped faces. The same thing goes for berets and cloche too!

Round Face Shape

Does your face has the same width and length, like a perfect circle? Does your forehead have the same width as your jawline? Is your jawline round, soft and full in shape? Looks like you have a round face shape. You want hats with slanted or peaked crowns. These styles will help define and add angles to the face. You want hats with asymmetrical angles to turn the eyes away from the rounded shape.

Choose hats with a front brim that’s a touch wider than your face shape such as newsboy, bowler or wide-brim Panama hat. Hats with rounded crowns will emphasize the face’s round shape.

Oblong Face Shape

Is your face longer than it is wider? Is your jawline and forehead similar in width? Is your chin pointed and the forehead tall? Is your face widest at the forehead? You have an oblong face shape. Because oblong face shape is longer, you have to avoid tall hats at all cost. These hats will make your face appear even longer.

Choose hats with either wide or flared brims. Floppy hats, bowlers, and turbans will flatter your face shape. These styles will pull down the forehead to make your face rounder.

Heart Face Shape

Is your face wider at the forehead and narrower at the jaw line? Is your chin noticeably pointed? Does your cheek line taper into your jawline? You have the classic heart face shape! Just like oval face shape, you can get away with most hat styles.

Choose hats with asymmetrical designs or soft curves. These styles will give slight angles to the face. Avoid hats with too small brims. This design will emphasize the wideness of your forehead. Go for cloche, bucket hats or beanies. These styles will flatter heart-shaped faces!

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