Healthy, Delicious Alternatives to Every Craving

Photo by: Bigstockphoto
Photo by: Bigstockphoto

It’s easy to lose weight if you’ve perfected the art of food substitution. We all have moments of weakness, wherein we over-indulge on unhealthy foods. You can minimize these moments by finding better alternatives to all the sinful foods you love. Eat smart and boost your weight loss potentials by using these delicious alternatives to fattening foods:

Carob for Candy Bars

Craving for chocolates? Don’t deprive yourself, but don’t indulge either! The key is knowing the best substitute to your favorite treats.

The carob tree bears pea-like pods with a taste that’s incredibly similar to chocolate. But unlike chocolate, carob fruits aren’t as fattening. Just an ounce of carob pod yields a measly 51 calories, versus 98 calories from the same serving size of a chocolate bar.

Chilled Plain Yogurt for Ice Cream

Nothing like eating ice cream on a hot summer day! But ice cream, even plain vanilla flavor, packs at least 200 calories per scoop! If you must have a frozen treat, turn to plain, chilled yogurt instead. Add several scoops of plain chilled yogurt on a serving bowl and add a handful of chopped nuts and frozen berries! Apart from being low in calories, plain yogurt is also loaded with probiotics and antioxidants. Adding nuts and berries give your frozen dessert a yummy, nutritious punch!

Salsa for Mayo

Did you know mayonnaise is packed with saturated fats and is high in calories? That’s why you should avoid all mayo-based dips when you’re trying to slim down. If you can’t imagine eating chips without your favorite mayo dip, substitute it with salsa instead!

Salsa is made from garlic, tomatoes, parsley and onions. These wholesome ingredients are tasty, healthy and contain zero saturated fats! Salsa is very versatile too. You can use it as a dip, in marinades, as a side dish and flavor to pasta and rice dishes too!

Whole Wheat Bread for White Bread

White bread is one of the unhealthiest, most fattening food items in the grocer. It’s made from refined flour, sugars, and emulsifiers. It contains simple carbohydrates, which is the bad kind of carbs. Worse, it’s extremely high in calories too.

On the other hand, whole wheat bread contains fewer sugars. It’s made from unprocessed grains that fill you up without spiking your blood sugar level! Whole-wheat grains also boost the body’s metabolic rate. It allows you to burn off more fat even while at rest.

Poultry for Red Meat

Craving for pork or beef? Red meat is high in saturated fat and calories. A diet rich in red meat puts you at risk of cardiovascular diseases and obesity. You can ease your cravings for red meat by turning to healthy protein alternatives like poultry. Chicken and turkey contain less fat and calories than red meat. They are also as filling as pork and beef!

Plain Water for Sugary Drinks

Instead of indulging on sodas, sports drinks, energy drinks, smoothies, artisanal coffee and flavored water, stick to plain water. Unlike sugary drinks that are packed with fat, sugars and artificial colors/flavors, plain water contains zero calories. It’s free from preservatives and will hydrate you deeply. If you’re craving for a little flavor, add a slice of lemon or lime to chilled water and garnish with crushed mint leaves.

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