Home Remedies to Banish Wrinkles

Photo by: Bigstockphoto
Photo by: Bigstockphoto

Most of us go to great lengths to preserve skin youthfulness. Korean women have their 10 step skin routine every night, French women have their elegantly crafted skin potions and oils. Wrinkles occur when the skin become dry and saggy. There is no power in the world that can stop the skin from aging. But by addressing these skin issues, you will delay any signs of aging. Now, before raiding the beauty aisles with super expensive anti-aging treatments, we recommend going straight to your kitchen. Whip up these amazing home remedies to prevent wrinkles:

Avocado-Honey Moisturizer

To banish wrinkles, you need a good moisturizer. Start by using all-natural ingredients that help retain moisture and fill out creases in the skin. Avocado contains healthy fats that plump up and hydrates the skin. Honey soothes inflammation, prevents dryness and tightens the skin! The cream contains lactic acids that gently sloughs off dead skin cells, revealing the younger, more luminous skin underneath.

3 tablespoons fresh cream
¼ cup avocado
1 tablespoon organic raw honey


In a blender, incorporate all ingredients and puree until you achieve a super smooth consistency. Now, cleanse your face and pat dry. Apply the mixture on the skin and leave it on for at least an hour. Rinse it all off with lukewarm water, pat dry then follow up with a beauty oil for intense hydration!

Basil Toner

A toner is a great way to cool the skin and bring life back to dull, lackluster skin. This basil-based toner is not only gentle, it also enhances blood circulation. Basil also contains antiseptic, antibacterial and antifungal agents so if your skin is prone to acne or breakouts, you’ll love this recipe:

3 tablespoon dried or fresh basil leaves
1 cup boiling distilled water
spray bottle


Crush the fresh or dried basil leaves and then mix with a cup of boiling water in a pot. Boil for at least 10 minutes and let the mixture cool. With a strainer, strain the liquid. Transfer the strained liquid to a bottle spritzer. You can use the toner two ways. One is to saturate a cotton ball with the liquid and apply to the face after cleansing. The second is to bring the spritzer with you and spritz the liquid to rejuvenate the skin any time of the day.

Agave and Lemon Scrub

Exfoliation is an important part of banishing wrinkles. Dead skin cells accumulate on top of the skin layer. This leaves the skin dry, splotchy and saggy. It also leads to more prominent brown spots. Agave gently brings moisture back to the skin while lemon dissolves dead skin cells and eliminate acne too!

2 tablespoon agave nectar
2 tablespoon lemon juice
½ cup rice grounded to a fine powder.


In a clean bowl, mix all ingredients together and blend well. With clean hands, apply the scrub to the face. Massage the skin using gentle, circular motion. This will help improve blood flow leading to clear, rosy skin. Never rub the skin.

Then, rinse the face with lukewarm water and pat dry. You can also use this scrub to soften calluses and refine the hands’ skin texture.

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