Hot Hair Trends for 2016

Photo by: Bigstockphoto
Photo by: Bigstockphoto

2016 barely started and already, we are seeing fabulous hair transformations sported by the hottest celebrities, supermodels, and internet-famous personalities. Cast off your usual look and try any of these trendy hairstyles:

The Glunge

The Glunge or glam-grunge features soft, undone textured hair that’s never disheveled or unkempt. The waves are glossy and glamorous but move with you. You can recreate this look by applying a finishing hair serum on damp hair for optimum shine, smoothness, and gloss. Then, get a volumizing spray and apply on the roots to pump up the volume. Leave the rest of the hair to dry. To create effortless waves, do away with the curler and use a hair wrap instead. Just tie the hair wrap on the hair, apply a little setting spray to keep the hair in place then remove the wrap. Instant waves!

Embellished Hair

Thick ribbons and embellished headbands are making a huge comeback this year! Perfect for polishing up your look with very little effort, adding hair embellishments can make the dullest look exciting and expensive! You can use a thick satin ribbon as a headband or use crystal encrusted hair clips for a little twinkle. Set little disheveled waves for a girly, effortless hairstyle.

Faux Bob

So what do Emma Watson, Gigi Hadid, and Emma Stone have in common? They all sported one of the hottest hair trends this year, the faux bob! This one-night hairstyle is inspired by Harajuku girls. There are so many ways to create a shorter ‘do without trimming the tresses. You can braid the hair under the crown and set it with several bobby pins to shorten the hair or tuck your hair under your crown using an elastic hair band.

Big Blow Dry

Big, bouncy blow dries are back with a vengeance! This look pumps up the volume to create lush, glossy, face-framing tresses! But the 2016 blow dry features sleeker, less pristine finish. To create this look, use a vented radial brush to blow your hair. Once the hair is dry, spritz a little hairspray on your fingers and work the product into the tresses for structure, lift, and volume!

Go Natural

Going natural is also a pretty huge trend especially among African-American celebrities like Solange Knowles, FKA Twiggs, and Jordin Sparks. Usually, the natural hairstyle is paired with a full face for contrast. Real ‘fros and cornrows are also ruling the runway!

Rainbow Hair

Candyfloss tones and washed out colors are huge this year! From Rihanna to January Jones, Rachel McAdams to Rita Ora, everyone who’s anyone is into rainbow colored hair! Of course, candy-colored hair is reserved only for the adventurous but you can tone it down with subtle infusions of colors instead of a hot pink or lime green ‘do!

Bleach Blond

Kylie Jenner, Kim Kardashian, Joe Jonas, and Zayn Malik are just a few celebrities who sported bleached blond hair. But unlike the bleach blond of yore, the modern dye job feature darker roots. Most celebs go for the bleached blond look as a base for other hair colors like green or aqua.

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