How Bitter Foods Promote Weight Loss

Photo by: Bigstockphoto
Photo by: Bigstockphoto

Most people avoid bitter foods like a plague but if you want to lose the extra weight, bitter foods just might be what the doctor ordered! Some studies show that regular consumption of bitter vegetables presents weight loss and health benefits. And in today’s post, we are giving you reasons why you should start eating bitter foods today:

Boosts Nutrient Absorption

Bitterness is often regarded as an unpleasant taste. However, bitter foods stimulate the production of gastric acids in the stomach. This prepares the entire digestive system for processing food. Bitterness also stimulates the production of enzymes and bile flow, allowing the body to absorb more nutrients from the food you eat. When the body is able to absorb the right amount of nutrients, it can complete all the complex body processes it needs to remain healthy.

Cuts Back Sugar Cravings

Are you a hopeless dessert lover? Can’t help yourself when it comes to sweets? Sweet, sugary treats are loaded with empty calories and sugars that spike the glucose level in the blood. When the glucose level in the blood drops, you will feel intense cravings for more unhealthy foods. This vicious cycle leads to overeating and weight gain!

You can suppress sugar cravings by eating bitter foods. In Ayurvedic medicine, bitter foods can reduce food cravings and promote weight loss.  These foods help “remove heat” from the body, nipping intense sugary cravings right in the bud.

Purifies the System

Did you know bitter foods – such as bitter gourd, kale, and arugula – helps detoxify the colon and improve digestive tract health? Most types of bitter foods contain sulfur-based nutrients. These nutrients cleanse the pathways in the liver and promoting blood cleansing. and of all bitter greens, arugula is the most effective as far as keeping the liver healthy goes.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, bitter foods are perceived as an effective treatment for all types of digestive and metabolic issues, even obesity and weight gain.

Boosts Metabolic Functions

Bitter herbs and vegetables are clinically proven to boost the metabolic rate. Bitter gourd, green tea, and chamomile tea are renowned for revving up the metabolic rate. In a study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, researchers found that green tea increases the metabolic rate by up to 4% in a 24-hour period. Apart from boosting the metabolic rate, green tea is also a proven fat burner. It accelerates the breakdown of glucose within the fat cells preventing fat storage. Chamomile and bitter gourd aid in weight loss by suppressing the appetite.

Boosts Immunity

Apart from its weight loss benefits, bitter foods – such as fenugreek seeds, radish, parsley, and basil – protect from oxidative stress and strengthen the immune system. These foods contain antioxidants that neutralize free radical damage.

Most bitter foods are rich in folate, beta-carotene and vitamin K. All these nutrients protect the cells from oxidative stress. The vitamin K in bitter foods reduces the risk of blood clotting. Phytochemicals maintain healthy inflammatory responses while managing cholesterol levels. These nutrients also re-balance the hormones and detoxify the blood for better fat metabolism.

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