How Eating Off People’s Plate is Making You Fat

Photo by: Bigstockphoto
Photo by: Bigstockphoto

A hoover is a term used to describe a person that habitually eats off another person’s plate. And we’re all guilty of this habit. How many times have you tried finishing your spouse’s plate or take a bite out of a friend’s burrito? Let’s face it, most of us are hoovers at heart. Unfortunately, it’s also one of the reasons why you are gaining weight! Not convinced? Below are reasons why eating off people’s plate is making you fat:

Double the Calories

Imagine finishing off an indulgent meal and occasionally taking a bite out of your spouse’s meal, how many calories are you consuming in just one sitting? Hooving will literally double your caloric intake. It’s hard to track your caloric intake if you’re unconsciously taking extra bites from someone else’s food together with your meal. A 450 calorie meal could quickly double or triple in just a single meal. And that doesn’t even include dessert. You are inadvertently wasting your weight loss efforts by sampling other people’s food.

If you cannot help yourself from eating bits off your companion’s food, we recommend opting for very low-calorie meals. When your main meal is low in calories, it will offset the number of extra calories you get from hooving.

Mindless Eating

Dieticians and fitness experts alike consider hooving as mindless eating. The habit of eating off someone else’s plate is deeply ingrained to some people that it has become second nature. There’s nothing wrong about tasting other people’s food but when you do it all the time, it can quickly turn into a fattening habit.

Eating off someone else’s plate is similar to “grazing.” Even when full, most people have a hard time turning down a chance to taste other foods. The increase in food consumption causes the stomach to expand and crave more food. In the end, hooving leads to overeating. To keep yourself from mindlessly wolfing down extra calories, practice mindful eating. Enjoy your meal and chew slowly. Savor the flavors and don’t consume more calories than you can afford to burn later on.


Eating off someone’s plate is literally stimulating the body to take in more calories! Remember, your weight loss efforts will depend on controlled caloric consumption. If you keep going overboard, you are only sabotaging your own weight loss efforts.

When you take in more calories, the body adapts to the increased calories very quickly. You will start feeling hungrier more frequently. You will start losing control over the amount of food you eat because you are taking food from other people’s plate. Eventually, you will start eating more until you gain weight. This vicious cycle’s extremely hard to overcome. To keep yourself in check, keep the portions modest. It’s okay to take a few bites off your friend’s foods but don’t overdo it. Focus on eating smaller portions of your main meal so you don’t take in more calories.

Our Final Thoughts

Some people consider hooving as plain rude. Most people consider their plate as part of their personal space. You are unknowingly invading a person’s space by eating off their plate. Before you stab your fork at your friend’s roast beef, ask politely for a bite.

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