How Ginger Lemon Tea Can Help You Lose Weight

Photo credit: Bigstockphoto
Photo credit: Bigstockphoto

Ginger is a popular spice that’s indigenous to Southern China. Eventually, ginger spread across Asia and into Africa and Caribbean. Gingerroot is not only prized for its distinct aroma and flavor, it’s also an effective detoxifier and weight loss agent. Clinical tests show that ginger could help regulate glucose level in the blood. And if you want to lose weight, you have to achieve normal blood sugar level otherwise, you will start craving for unhealthy, starchy, and sweet treats.

Dieters usually prepare gingerroot as ginger lemon tea in order to maximize its weight loss benefits as well as to make the taste palatable. The combined weight loss properties of both ginger and lemon made ginger lemon tea a staple among people wanting to lose weight. So, how does ginger lemon tea work to help you achieve a slender, shapelier frame? Let’s look at the facts:

It Helps Inhibit Fat Absorption

Ginger lemon works to prevent accumulation of fat, especially around the belly area, as well as inhibit the absorption of fat into the body. Ginger lemon tea works the same way as most fat burners; it helps the body burn off excess fat, boosts metabolism, and improves digestion.

Prevents Inflammation

The indomethacin in ginger helps decrease inflammation and helps cleanse the system. Inflammation is a sign of harmful toxins building up in the system.When there are excessive toxins, the liver works extra hard to eliminate them from the body. Both ginger and lemon contain powerful anti-inflammatory compounds and together, they make a formidable force against all types of viral and bacterial infection.

Ginger lemon tea helps purify the system and prevents inflammation by killing off viruses and bacteria. In addition, ginger lemon tea’s ability to boost digestion and minimize fat absorption also contributes to the decrease of infection in the organs.

Suppresses Weight Gain

Ginger lemon tea is not only effective in helping shed extra weight; it could also help you maintain your current weight. Certain bioactive in lemon help suppress weight gain. One study proved that the lemon’s ability to increase peroxisomal beta-oxidation in the body helped lab mice maintain their current weight while also preventing fat accumulation.

What’s more, the mere scent of lemon is helpful in losing weight. Lemon scent activates the parasympathetic nervous system, boosting the metabolic rate andimproving organ function — all while reducing stress and curbing cravings.

Ideally, you want to drink ginger lemon tea in the morning. To take advantage of ginger and lemon’s health-giving nutrients, always use fresh ingredients. You can peel a small portion of gingerroot with a spoon and mince it. Add two tablespoon of freshly squeezed lemon juice into the mix and incorporate a regular green tea as base for the beverage. Using green tea further boosts the antioxidant content of ginger.

Ginger lemon tea isn’t strictly a drink for dieters. You can serve it during hot summers as a refreshing drink. You can get creative and add other fruit juices to the mix. Drink ginger lemon tea every time you feel hungry to prevent cravings and manage your weight.

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