How Music Affects Your Fitness (For The Better!)

Photo by: Bigstockphoto
Photo by: Bigstockphoto

No one is immune to the power of music. Not even athletes and fitness buffs. In many ways, music can enhance your workout. A good song energizes the body, improves coordination and boosts mental alertness. In today’s post, we are giving you 5 reasons why you should put your fitness playlist on full blast during your workout:

It Stimulates the Mind

Working out alone? A fitness playlist is all you need to get in the zone. When you work out alone, you feel less motivated to give it your best. Turning on the music will keep the brain busy. And when the brain is busy, the body follows.

Music is scientifically proven to stimulate the mind. A study found that music stimulates the frontal lobe of the brain. This area of the brain is responsible for advanced thought processes. Music boosts mental performance and improves muscle coordination. It’s no wonder you work better, faster and more efficiently when your favorite music is on!

Makes Workout Enjoyable

Not thrilled at the idea of jogging for two miles or attending your spinning class? Turn the music on full blast and the hours will feel like seconds. When the mind is busy, you don’t overthink. And when you don’t overthink, the hours go by much faster. This in turn will energize the mind and the body. You feel relaxed as you work out, making exercising an enjoyable experience. Let’s face it, not all people enjoy working out. Music makes everything more enjoyable, even a strenuous two-hour strength training session.

Boosts Exercise Intensity

Sometimes you don’t feel like working out. And your performance reflects that. A really good fitness playlist is an excellent way to motivate yourself to push harder. The beats, tempo and melody compel the body to work harder to a new level. And the best part? You don’t even realize how hard you’ve been working out. Because you’re enjoying your workout too much! By the end of your workout session, you are stronger and more satisfied with your performance.

Improve Focus and Rhythm

Ever feel like the noisy gym is making you lose rhythm? When the mind is exposed to so many stimuli at the same time, you start losing focus. And when you’re not focused, your performance is affected. When you listen to your favorite workout songs, your mind is focused on movement alone. Music improves your coordination, rhythm, and pace. It will shield the mind from distractions that could affect your workout.

Boosts Motivation

A solid fitness playlist is one way to motivate you to stick to the program! Music energizes the mind and body. And on days when you’d rather do something else, music inspires you to keep moving! When you’re motivated, you are less likely to miss a class.

Sets the Mood

Energetic music can stimulate the body to work harder while soothing music relaxes the mind. Every workout calls for different types of music. You can also adjust the types of songs to listen to when you’re warming up or cooling down.

Warm-ups require songs with an upbeat tempo. Fun, feel-good songs get the blood flowing. Soothing songs with less complicated rhythms are best when you’re on the last leg of your workout. And for power songs? You can reserve those when you want to elevate your performance and finish strong.

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