How Pilates Improve Health and Alleviates Stress

 Photo by: Bigstockphoto

Photo by: Bigstockphoto

Pilates is a type of workout comprised of either aerobic or non-aerobic exercises. This program was developed and introduced by renowned physical trainer, Joseph Pilates to the US in the 1920s.

Pilates require balanced movements that lengthen and strengthen all major muscle groups. And it requires a certain level of concentration and flexibility to achieve the right form. This workout method requires finding your body’s center point to control your body movements. The workout is also combined with breathing exercises. Pilates tones and strengthens the body. The program also alleviates stress and improves mental performance in so many ways! In today’s post, we are listing down the reasons why Pilates is such an amazing stress-buster:

Relieves Pain

Chronic pain and stress go hand in hand. If you are in pain, your physical and mental performance is affected. And when your physical and mental performance is affected, you get stressed out. According to Joseph Pilates, muscle pain is often caused by pulling bones and joints. The joints and bones are pulling to adjust the body into the correct position. All the pulling and stretching cause muscle tension.

Pilates provides effective pain relief for stiff, sore, and painful joints and muscles. This program promotes proper body alignment. The moves are designed to strengthen the core muscles, boost flexibility, and lengthen the spine. Controlling one’s breathing also helps alleviate pain. Pilates puts emphasis on strengthening and relaxing the muscles to relieve pain.

Boosts Cardiovascular Health

Pilates improves cardiovascular health. When we are stressed out, our blood pressure shoots up. This is a natural response caused by the stressed hormone cortisol. When the body’s fight or flight response is triggered, the heart pumps more blood into the system to brace for danger. And though our fight or flight response is useful, sustained levels of cortisol in the system could lead to the deterioration of the cardiovascular system.

Calming exercises like Pilates lowers blood pressure and boosts blood circulation. Healthy circulation is key to achieving a calm, collected mind. Performing Pilates regularly improves the cardiovascular system and boosts the overall sense of wellbeing.

Relaxes the Muscles

The core component of Pilates is muscle relaxation. Tensed muscles are typically indicators of stress. When the mind is stressed, the body responds by tensing the muscles. The muscle tension leads to painful, sore muscles.

According to Joseph Pilates, strong muscles lead to a strong mind. Pilates exercises relax the muscles. The workouts are designed to improve flexibility and strength too! With Pilates, you can deal with muscle stress in the healthiest way possible.

Promotes Mindfulness

When you incorporate mindfulness into your fitness routine, you gain a new perspective on life. Mindfulness also helps clear the mind from negativity that translates to unhealthy habits and negative behaviors.

When the body is calm, you are less likely to engage in impulsive, sometimes unhealthy behaviors. The benefits of Pilates are similar to the benefits of meditation. It relieves anxiety, depression, and treats insomnia. This workout sharpens the mind, promotes creative thinking, and minimizes negative habits and thoughts. In fact, some practitioners even use Pilates exercises to overcome addiction or instill positive habits to others.

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