How to Achieve a Slimmer, Chiseled Face

 Photo by: Bigstockphoto

Photo by: Bigstockphoto

Self-conscious over your bloated face or your double chin? Do you feel uncomfortable whenever a friend whips up her phone for a spontaneous groupfie? It could be your natural face shape, your recent weight gain or your hormones, but the camera is making your face look even more bloated than usual. You are not alone! And there are so many ways to slim the face down, achieve chiseled cheekbones and sculpted jaw. In today’s post, we are listing easy, painless ways to achieve a slimmer face today:

Avoid Alcohol

Alcohol consumption is one of the most common causes of a puffy face. When you drink alcohol, certain body processes become disrupted. This causes water to flow less freely within your tissues. If you’ve had quite a night and you woke up looking rough, take plenty of liquids throughout the day. You want to re-hydrate the cells so more water gets into your dehydrated tissues right away.

Check for Food Sensitivities

You might not know it, but certain food sensitivities can cause a bloated face. For instance, those who are sensitive to gluten or are afflicted with irritable bowel syndrome, deal with a puffier face much more frequently than those who are not as sensitive. Unfortunately, health experts are unsure how IBS and gluten sensitivity cause a fuller face. But by talking to your doctor, you can avoid certain foods that aggravate your condition.

Stabilize Your Hormones

Ever wonder why your face seems fuller one to two weeks before your period? During this time, your hormones are unstable and this causes an extremely puffy face! Right before your period, the body’s progesterone level shoots up. Progesterone is a hormone linked to PMS symptoms including facial swelling, bloating and even cramps. Progesterone also surges if you’re entering the perimenopausal period, causing hot flashes, vaginal dryness and decreased libido. You can talk to your gynecologist for medications that will help stabilize your hormones.

Facial Exercises

Performing simple facial exercises for several minutes every day helps tone the underlying muscles. It will also drain extra fluid in the face for a slimmer cheeks and jaw. One exercise to try is force smiling. Just smile widely so the cheek muscles are tightened. Clench your teeth for a few seconds and do not squint the eyes. Then, pucker the lips and repeat.

Another facial exercise worth trying is a cheek puff workout. Just take a deep breath and puff air into the cheeks. Hold the air inside the cheeks for five seconds. Then, alternately press air into the right then left cheeks for five seconds. Release the air and repeat.

Cut Back on Salt

Bad news, potato chips could be causing your face to appear puffier than normal! Excess sodium causes the body to hold on to as much water as possible within the tissues. This leads to water retention and in turn, causes your face to bloat. We recommend cutting back on salty snacks and replacing them with healthier alternatives. For instance, if you can’t give up on potato chips, make your own kale chips instead! These snacks are easy to make and are very delicious too!

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