How to Build Stronger, Powerful Legs

Photo by: Bigstockphoto
Photo by: Bigstockphoto

There is a reason why bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts alike never skip leg days! A rippling set of powerful legs will complement your equally muscular physique really well. The last thing you want is a toned upper body and skinny, chicken legs!

But more than complementing your physique, strong legs allow you to take on any fitness routine and sports activities easily without risking injury. After all, a strong base is important in any physical activity. To sculpt the legs and accelerate muscle growth, you need to understand the anatomy of the legs first. From here, you can tone every muscle group.

The Anatomy of the Leg

Each leg is comprised of four quadriceps “heads” on the front. These heads are:

Rectus femoris
Vastus lateralis
Vastus medialis
Vastus intermedius

The back leg is comprised of three muscle groups that contract the hamstring tendon. These muscles are:

Biceps femoris

Finally, the calf muscle is comprised of two bands of muscles.


How to Accelerate Muscle Growth

Performing intense, heavy workout will accelerate your growth hormone level. This puts the body in an anabolic state, which triggers muscle growth. You want to concentrate the pressure on the legs to accelerate leg muscle growth. When you do, the constant muscle contraction triggers muscle hypertrophy. This occurs when the muscle cells start growing larger because of physical strains.

To generate leg hypertrophy, you have to complete at least one set of leg workout in 60 seconds or less. To build bigger, more powerful legs, you want to complete the movement in slow, controlled negatives. You literally feel the burn as you tone the legs to achieve the desired results.

To accelerate muscle growth, you can also extend your sets for two minutes. This will cause serious burn, but the pain will be worth it! But don’t push your body too hard especially if you are nearing your limit. Pushing your body too hard increases the risk of injuries.

Suffering from knee pain? This is a normal response when toning the legs. Our advice is to tone the hamstrings first then follow it up with three or four light sets of leg extensions. From there, you can proceed to normal heavy squats and other pressing movements using the legs.

The Best Leg Exercises

There are so many types of leg exercises that you can add to your routine to achieve sculpted legs. But below are the most effective of all leg exercises:

All variations of Barbell Squat
All variations of Leg Extensions
Romanian Deadlift
Stiff Leg Deadlifts
Hack Squat Sled
Power Clean Power Clean
Calf raises

As with any exercise, the right form is important to achieve the best results. If you are working with a fitness instructor, you can get a customized fitness plan to help you achieve your goals. If you are developing your own fitness plan, we recommend searching online for leg exercises and gym equipment to use to tone the legs. Don’t be afraid to ask questions and get assistance from gym staff. They are more than happy to help you work the machines.

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