How to Choose the Best Volumizing Hair Spray for Bouncy, Full-Bodied Tresses

Photo credit: Bigstockphoto
Photo credit: Bigstockphoto

A volumizing hair spray is often used to add volume or body to fine, limp or flat hair. Volumizing hair products come in various formulas. Some come in spray or mousse form. Others come in gel or cream form. Regardless of the formula, all volumizing hair products work the same. The product adds texture to every hair strand to make the hair thicker, more full-bodied.

There could be hundreds of volumizing hair products on the market that’s why choosing just one is daunting for most people. The perfect volumizing hair product should do a great job of pumping up volume without griminess or stickiness. It should not weigh the hair down or make the scalp oily. So how do you choose the best volumizing hair products for you? Consider these tips:

Check the Label

To determine which products work the best for you, you need to know what formula agrees with your hair. For instance, if your hair and scalp cannot tolerate heavy creams then it makes sense to choose volumizing hair products that feel like nothing when you apply it. The same thing goes if you’re sensitive to certain ingredients. Always check the label to see if a certain product is safe for you to use.

Don’t Fall for Marketing Hype

Volumizing hair product manufacturers advertised their products for one thing: to attract customers. If you have a deep understanding of your needs and sensitivities then you will not fall to marketing hype. But of course, everyone has weak moments. A heavily marketed volumizing hair product could tempt you to switch from your usual product. You can always experiment with different products just make sure the hair will not be damaged at all.

All Natural or Chemical-Based Products?

This will depend on your preference. Some natural volumizers work well to add body and shine to limp, thin hair. Usually, all-natural volumizing hair products are milder than chemical-based volumizers. These products do not contain chemicals that could strip moisture from the hair. But again, your choice will boil down to your preference.

Some people prefer chemical-based volumizing hair products because they work well to their hair type. If you are the type who needs to use volumizers almost daily, then we strongly suggest choosing a milder formula. This helps reduce the risk of damage to the hair. The same thing goes if you use heating tools to style your hair.

Salon Exclusive or Drugstore Hair Products

Some volumizing hair products are only available at certain salons. On the other hand, drugstore hair products are available in most retailers, including your local beauty counters. As far as accessibility goes, drugstore volumizing products are better than salon exclusive products simply because they are found almost everywhere. To access salon exclusive products, you’d have to buy it straight from your favorite salon. The choice will depend on which products provide the best results. Contrary to popular belief, drugstore volumizing products work just as well as other salon exclusive products.

Whichever volumizing hair products you wish to get, our advice is to get one in smaller bottles. This goes, especially if you are using a certain product for the first time. Travel size products are cheaper than full size so there’s less money wasted in case you are not satisfied with a specific product.

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