How to Choose the Right Running Shoes for You

Photo by: Bigstockphoto
Photo by: Bigstockphoto

Unlike ordinary shoes, running shoes have features that are developed for different kinds of feet and gait style. You simply cannot grab any running shoes that fit your size! In this post, we are giving you tips on how you can find the right running shoes for you:

It’s All About the Arch

Our feet have different shapes. If you’re looking for running shoes, you need to find shoes created to fill the contours of your feet perfectly. The shape of your feet’s arch will determine if you are a pronate (roll to the inside of the foot), a supinate (roll to the outside of the foot) or a neutral. Flat-footed people (those with little to no arch on their feet) will need shoes with built in arch to make running comfortable. When buying a pair of running shoes, look for stores that offer the “wet test.” They will dampen the bottom of your feet and you make an imprint on a dark piece of paper to determine your arch shape.

Doing a 360

One of the most important elements to look for when buying a pair of running shoes is the fit. You want to choose a pair of running shoes that have enough space in the toe box when you stand up. Your whole feet should fit the platform of the shoes. Most sports shoe stores will conduct a 360-degree test to check if a certain running shoe fits your foot comfortably. The shoe fit should be wide and long enough that the entire foot is touching the base of the shoe. The running shoes must never squeeze and hurt the foot.

Don’t Shop Early!

Here’s a fascinating fact to consider next time you shop for shoes, our feet does not stay the same size all day. According to experts and athletes, feet will swell later in the day and are likely to swell some more if you run. So shopping and fitting running shoes in the morning will have different results when you shop in the afternoon. Ideally, you want to shop for running shoes—or any other kind of shoes for that matter—when your feet are at its largest because that size will be the most comfortable. Don’t shop early; you might end up with running shoes that are too tight for you!

Take Your Old Running Shoes

The search for the perfect running shoes will be much easier if you bring your old one along. Just hand over your old shoes to the salesperson so he can identify your shoe size, your foot shape, your gait, and even your running pattern with just one look.

Have Your Feet Measured

Here’s another fascinating fact about feet, they don’t remain the same size all our lives. As we age, our shoe size changes too. Unfortunately, most people don’t get their feet measured because they assume that their size remained the same all this time. This means a majority of older people are wearing the wrong size of shoes!

So have your feet measured just to get the most comfortable fit. The shape of our feet changes over time too. The feet could flatten over time so choose running shoes that offer more motion control and stability.

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