How to Create Your Own All-Around Beauty Kit

Photo credit: Bigstockphoto
Photo credit: Bigstockphoto

It’s one thing to develop a basic makeup kit, but it’s another to create your own beauty kit. A beauty kit should include cosmetics and non-cosmetic products such as body and personal care items. You can bring your beauty kit anywhere to address your beauty and personal care needs. If you need a hand on curating your own beauty kit, here are our recommendations:

Body Grooming

Body grooming should include all personal care products and tools. Having this in your kit eliminates the hassle of putting together all your personal care items each time you are on a trip or simply changing from one purse to another:

Nail Grooming Kit

No one likes dirty nails! This kit includes everything you need to care for the nails. Your nail grooming kit should have nail clipper, nail polish, a nail file, a push stick, and tweezers. You can also add top coat, nail or hand cream as well as cuticle clipper, etc.

Body Grooming Kit

As for body grooming kit, it should include everything you need to care for your body. That includes bath gels, a bath lily, lotion, shampoo, conditioner, body cleanser, tampons, razors, and exfoliating brush. If you expect a lot of walking throughout your trip, we suggest getting foot creams and foot massager too.

If you want to keep your body grooming kit portable, we strongly recommend getting products in trial or travel sizes. If you travel a lot, we also recommend getting a corn remover, gel cushions for your shoes and Band-Aids. Bring a travel size version of your favorite perfume, cologne, and deodorant.

Skin Care Kit

As for skin care, pack your favorite day and night cream, toner, facial mist, facial serum or beauty oil with nose pore strips, facial cleansers, exfoliating cream and sleeping pack. Again, if you can get these products in travel sizes go for it otherwise, depot a portion of a product in smaller containers to make them handier.

Makeup Kit

The contents of your makeup kit will depend on the climate and the season. But for a basic makeup kit, add your favorite foundation, sunblock, concealer and finishing powder for the base on your makeup kit. Then, fill your kit with eyebrow pencil and brow mascara, liquid liner, an eye shadow quad, and blush. Add a couple of your favorite lipstick, bronzer, and several travel-sized makeup brushes. To save up more space, invest in an all-in makeup palette. Finally, you can also add a contour powder, a highlighting cream or powder, foundation sponge and a lash curler.

Hair Care Products

For treated hair, bring your special shampoos and conditioner to protect the tresses from harsh chemicals. Add a brush, hair serum, hair polish and even beauty oil to nourish the hair and prevent it from drying out. You can also pack several hairstyling tools of your choice but only when you have to. Most hair styling tools – such as curling iron, blow dryer, etc. – aren’t exactly travel-friendly.

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