How to Create Your Own Crystal Essence using Healing Stones and Crystals

Photo by: Bigstockphoto
Photo by: Bigstockphoto

Crystal healing is an alternative method founded on the belief that crystals or gems generate vibrational energies. The vibrational energies could be utilized to heal various ailments. There are many ways to conduct healing. Some practitioners believe that holding the crystal or keeping the crystal near you is enough to promote healing. Others say that taking the crystal essence every day keeps the body healthy.

Crystal essences – also called crystal or gem elixirs – have been used throughout the ages to restore good health. The essences are very easy to make and can be stored for future uses. Curious about crystal elixirs? In today’s post, we are giving you tips on how to create your own crystal essence.

You will need:

Your choice of crystals
2 glass containers or food-safe glazed ceramic containers (One container should be large enough to fit the other container inside it).
2 dark colored bottles
1 sterilized glass dropper
Spring or distilled water
Vodka or white vinegar
Sunlight or moonlight


Note: It’s important to create the elixir in a quiet, calm environment. This way, optimum energies are harvested.

Start by cleaning and charging the crystals you want to harness energies from. Now, free yourself from anxiety. Creating crystal elixirs demands a clear mind. You can perform breathing exercises, yoga or meditation prior to starting.

Affirm your intentions for making the elixir out loud. Ask the Divine power and the crystals themselves to assist you in making the essence.

Using the smaller container, place the crystals. Now, place the smaller container into the large container. Make sure the container is stable and will not fall into the larger container. You can also arrange any additional crystals or quartz outside the container. Make sure the crystals are pointing inwards the container to focus the energies.

Slowly pour as much distilled water as you can. Make sure not a drop of water goes to the smaller container where the crystals are placed.

After filling the larger container with water, state your intentions aloud. Seek divine guidance for the highest good of all concerned. Now, leave the container in either moonlight or sunlight. You can also place the containers in sacred spaces for four hours or more.

Once done, remove the inner container. The fluid is now turned into crystal essence. Carefully collect the charged water using the dark bottles. Add drops of vinegar or vodka to preserve the integrity of the liquid. Fill each bottle halfway.

Add a small portion of the crystal essence to the smaller bottle for immediate use using distilled or spring water. Say thank you to the Divine and the crystals for assisting you in making the essences. Store the essences for future use.

Essences that are made for immediate use shouldn’t be treated with preservatives. These essences can be stored for a few days in the fridge. Make sure it’s completely sealed. You can also infuse the water with Reiki or Seichim energy for healing.

Using The Crystal Essence

You can use the essence to anoint yourself, your loved ones or your ritual tools. It can be taken as oral supplement to heal certain conditions. Crystal elixirs could be used to draw energy as well. To take the essence orally, use 4 to 5 drops of the fluid on your tongue.

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