How to Enjoy Cantaloupe This Season

Photo by: Bigstockphoto
Photo by: Bigstockphoto

Cantaloupe, also known as sweet melon or honeydew, is a sweet variety of melon that’s native to Africa and India. In the US, cantaloupe is the most popular variety of melons. Cantaloupe typically features a ribbed, green rind and a dense orange flesh.

Summer’s the best time to enjoy cantaloupe because this tropical fruit is plentiful during this season. This fruit is very versatile because it can be enjoyed in many ways and if you’re looking for ways to experiment with cantaloupe, check out our recommendations below:

Create a Sweet Sauce

Want to make a delicious sweet sauce for your favorite desserts? Why not whip up your own cantaloupe sauce? In a blender, add several slices of fresh cantaloupe and combine it with lemon juice, honey, raspberries and a dash of nutmeg and blend. Transfer the sweet sauce in a clean bowl and use it as a topping for yogurt, ice cream or any sweet pastry.

Summer Salad

Watching your weight? Whip up a cantaloupe salad for a filling, high fiber, and low-calorie starter! In a large salad bowl, mix slices of mangos, cantaloupe, avocados and other fruits in season. Add slices of red onions and a dash of orange juice and lime juice. Finish off with a pinch of cilantro and your summer salad is done!

Another great summer salad variation is the combination of cantaloupe balls with fresh strawberries and watermelon slices.  Just chill the fruits in a serving bowl for at least 30 minutes before serving.

Fruity Yogurt

Dress up any plain yogurt and make it a tastier treat with cantaloupe! In a serving dish or bowl, add three scoops of plain yogurt. Add slivers of cantaloupe, sliced bananas, and whole raspberries. Sprinkle a handful of nuts for a filling snack! You can use any kind of berries or summer fruits together with cantaloupe. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different textures and flavors for a unique dessert.

Refreshing Cooler

Quench your thirst and stay cool throughout the summer season with a refreshing cantaloupe cooler! In a blender, add cubed fresh cantaloupe together with 100% orange juice, sugar and crushed ice until smooth. Pour the puree in a large pitcher and stir very well. Add ice cubes and shredded cantaloupe to finish off and serve.

Sweet Soup

Cantaloupe as a soup? You bet! In a blender, combine chunks of cantaloupe with ice cubes, honey, and lime juice. Add a pinch of cardamom and mint leaves. Blend until smooth and set aside. With a melon scooper, scoop out balls out of cantaloupe flesh. Add the melon balls in a serving dish. Pour in the cantaloupe “soup” and garnish with strawberry slices. Serve and enjoy!

Melon Salsa

This is another simple yet unique way to enjoy cantaloupe. Just mix cantaloupe with finely chopped red onions. Add fresh cilantro and a dash of lime juice. You can use the salsa as a side dish to seafood and grilled meats or as filling for tacos.

Cantaloupe Kebab

Using a metal skewer, thread kiwis, pineapples and cantaloupe chunks. Grill for a minute or two according to preferred doneness. Serve immediately with a yogurt dip and enjoy!

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