How to Find Your Running or Jogging Pace

Photo by: Bigstockphoto
Photo by: Bigstockphoto

There is more to running or jogging other than being able to cover long distances. Just like any exercise, the right form is crucial in running. The same thing can be said about pacing. You have to find a comfortable pace to run longer. If you cannot, you are risking damage to the body.

Pacing refers to the tempo of movement as you run. You can experiment with different tempos to find the right pace. When you execute the right technique, you can run longer, faster. It will boost endurance and coordination too. And when it comes to pacing, there several types to consider:

Easy Pace

Start by trotting at a comfortable pace. Trotting means jogging slightly before working into a full run. This pace is best for newbies or for seasoned runners who want to cover long distances. Newbies tend to struggle finding the right pace as they trot. Sometimes, they struggle to run fast enough especially if they have a training plan that adds mileage slowly on a regular basis.

Marathon Pace

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to be a seasoned runner to use this pace. Marathon pace is great for developing endurance without stressing the body. This pace also prevents the speed from being too slow.

Tempo or Threshold Pace

This pace has to be sustained between 10 to 15 kilometers. This can be taxing so it’s not advisable for beginners to use the tempo pace. When running at threshold pace, you have to watch your breathing. Keep it controlled so you‘re not winded down. You don’t want to exhaust all efforts when you barely made it to the finish line. For beginners, train for this tempo by running at this pace for a minute then walk resting for another minute. Warm up for five to ten minutes then do 5 to 10 1-minute tempo pace before resting for another minute.

5K Race Pace

This pace has to be sustained for 3 to 5-kilometer race. The speed is quite fast so it’s easy to lose control over your breathing and running technique. Unless you are extremely fit or have mastered significant volumes of tempo pace work, do not train at this pace.

Mile Race Pace

This pace has to be sustained for four laps on a 400-meter running track. You have to run quickly but without breaking into an all-out sprint. The key is to control your running technique and being comfortable with the intensity of the pace.

How to Find the Right Pace

To find the right pace, you have to pay close attention to your body. At a certain speed, the body loses the ability to stick to the running technique. If you’re starting to lose the right form or you’re running technique starts being sloppy, the pace is either too slow or too fast. We recommend experimenting with different pace first. Find which one is comfortable enough that you can sustain the form but challenging enough that it keeps you on your toes.

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