How to Go on an Extreme Diet Safely

Photo by: Bigstockphoto
Photo by: Bigstockphoto

Extreme diets are typically very restrictive diet programs that shun a certain food group or allow only a fixed amount of calorie intake per day. Because extreme diet programs are unhealthy and have the tendency to cause nutritional deficiencies, health experts do not recommend them. Unfortunately, safety warnings are often ignored, especially among individuals who are desperately trying to lose weight.

Is there a way to go on an extreme diet safely? While we don’t recommend it, there are ways to achieve the results you want from an extreme diet without compromising your health. And in today’s post, we are listing down ways to make even the most extreme weight loss programs healthier:

Planning the Diet

How long do you plan to stick to the diet program? Most extreme diet programs are completed in just days because sticking to these programs too long is detrimental to the health. If say, you need to lose weight in just a week or two, then you won’t be starving yourself for too long. The healthier extreme diet programs are those that can be completed within three days or more. Of course, these diet programs have rigid rules to optimize weight loss. Once you have achieved your goal weight, then you can work on improving your lifestyle and diet so you can maintain your shape.

Have a Realistic Goal

There is no extreme diet that can guarantee 80 pounds weight loss in under a week. And if such diet program does exist, weight loss will certainly come with a price. Instead of setting the bar too high and be too hard on yourself for not reaching your goals, have realistic expectations.

Our advice is to expect to lose at least five to ten pounds in two weeks or one pound per day. This is the healthiest speed in which a person can lose weight without compromising his health. Now couple realistic expectations with extreme weight loss and you’re bound to lose a significant amount of weight. If you have a lot of weight to lose, extreme weight loss might not be the best program for you. And even if you did hit your target, you’re likely to gain it all back. That’s because what you lost is not fat, it’s just water weight. You will go back to your old weight as soon as you take a sip of water.

Pay Attention to Your Body

Get to know your body better before you adopt any extreme weight loss diet. Do you have a lot of stored fat? Does your body store fat easily? If the answer is yes, then extreme weight loss diets won’t be as effective in helping you achieve your target goal. Why? Extreme weight loss diet relies heavily on shedding water weight instead of fat.

Fat is only burned through exercise, not fad diets. Extreme weight loss diet will only work for those who only have very little weight to lose.

Our Final Thoughts

Extreme weight loss diet can easily escalate to a very dangerous form of self-deprivation and no self-respecting fitness and health expert will recommend these programs. Extreme diets may help you lose weight but only up to a certain extent. A healthy diet coupled by regular exercise is the only way to lose weight safely and effectively.

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