How to Lose 50 Pounds Painlessly

Photo by: Bigstockphoto
Photo by: Bigstockphoto

Not all people can lose weight as quickly and it takes enormous effort to win the battle against the bulge. If you are trying to lose 50 pounds or more, these tips are sure-fire ways to boost your weight loss potentials:

Nosh on Low Glycemic Foods

Although all types of fresh fruits and vegetables are a part of a healthy diet, some produce contains more sugars than others. Unfortunately, these fruits and vegetables convert quickly into stored fat! Worse, some fruits and veggies cause blood sugar to crash, which leads to intense cravings. To make your weight loss efforts effective, cut back on high sugar fruits and veggies and nosh on low glycemic foods instead.

Some of the best fruits and veggies to indulge in when you want to lose at least 50 pounds are spinach, asparagus, kale, broccoli, red peppers, fennel, and mushrooms. These fat-busting foods speed up the metabolic rate, prolong the feeling of fullness while stabilizing the blood sugar level.

Regular Workout

You simply cannot drop enormous weight without working out. Thankfully, you don’t have to exercise several hours every day to lose weight. You can either work with a professional fitness trainer to whip your body into shape or develop your own regimen. Working with a fitness instructor will bolster your fitness potentials because you have someone who will track your progress and motivate you to stay fit.

If say, you are developing your own regimen, we recommend starting off your program with cardio workouts, such as walking, jogging, swimming, and cycling. Work out at least 15 minutes every day until the body gets used to the daily activities. Once you’ve established better endurance, you can move on to more intensive workouts.

Mind Your Portions

Losing weight isn’t just about burning calories. You need to keep an eye out on meal portions to keep your weight in check. Ideally, your meal should include a balanced combination of lean protein, vegetables, and carbohydrates. One trick to keep your portions modest is to use smaller plates and avoid getting seconds. You’d be surprised at how effective smaller plates are at reducing a person’s calorie consumption!

Another great trick to regulate your portions is to fill your plate with greens instead of more protein or carbohydrates. Vegetables contain fewer calories than meats and grains. They are incredibly filling too so you will feel satisfied with every meal.

Better Lifestyle Changes

You don’t have to make drastic changes to your lifestyle to achieve steady and healthy weight loss. Making small lifestyle changes have a massive impact on your weight loss! Apart from eating right, avoid foods made with refined grains. Cutting back on sugary treats, junk food, and fast foods will do wonders for your figure. Instead of getting a pricey artisanal coffee from Starbucks, stick to black coffee with no cream or sugar added. Opting for light beers instead of regular beer helps reduce your caloric consumptions by at least 50%. Finding better alternatives to fattening foods – such as calorific condiments, dairy, refined grains, ice cream – is also an effective way to reduce your caloric consumption.

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