How to Make a Gymnastics Balance Beam

Photo by: Bigstockphoto
Photo by: Bigstockphoto

For many gymnasts, practicing on the balance beam is a must. It is the best equipment used to practice complex routines by many aspiring gymnasts. If you have a child who has dreams of becoming the world’s best gymnast then you know that having a balance beam in your home is the best way to hone their skills. Some parents choose to buy a built balance beam but if you want something that you can trust and is built by your own hands then all you need to do is make one for your child. And in order to do that, all you have to do is follow these simple steps. So get your tools and materials ready and we will make your very own balance beam!


For your balance beam, you need to gather your materials making sure that you have everything you need.

Choose a decent looking wood. Pines are usually used in making balance beams so if you can find available pines then even better. You will need six pieces of wood that is 4 ½ inches wide which is perfect for a good practice balance beam. For the legs, you will need wood pieces that are 20 inches long at 2×4 measurements. Make sure that they are sanded smoothly and stained. You will also need Elmer’s woodworking glue, a few long screws for the legs of the beams.


First of all glue the first three wood pieces together and cover them with glue. Place each wood on top of each other and then set them into a workbench for clamping. Align the pieces together and clamp them in one force. Let these dry overnight before adding the second set of three boards in the same manner. Let the boards dry up again overnight. For the final beam, sand it with heavy duty belt sander so the final beam looks good and can hold on the beam tightly. Attach it with glue and let it dry completely.

After sanding the last board with a heavy sander, sand it again with using finer grits of sand paper. Sand this until you find the surface good enough to stain. You can also have the option of wrapping the beam if you don’t want to sand it. Make sure to cut the corners round to avoid accidents in the future.

Although the balance beam is shorter than the actual ones, you still need to put legs to elevate it. Sand the 2×4 wood boards for the legs. Attach the legs into the bottom of each leg stands so you it can provide the stability it needs. Use the screws to pin and anchor the legs. Cut strips of foam padding or other materials that you can use to fit the top and sides of the balance beam. You can use synthetic suede or something similar to the padding used on the real professional balance beams. Connect this with wood glue on the top and sides of the balance beams. Allow everything to dry.

So there you go your very own balance beam! Now you don’t have to spend money on buying a new one plus you can always make another in case the ones you made breaks.

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