How to Make Makeup Last All Day on Oily Skin

Photo by: Bigstockphoto
Photo by: Bigstockphoto

It’s true, oily skinned gals have to take extra steps to maintain a pristine makeup. That’s because some cosmetics does not interact well with excess oil. But don’t let oily skin keep your makeup looking fresh all day! Today we are giving you expert tips on how to make your makeup last all day!

Prepping the Skin

No amount of makeup can cover up bad skin. So prepping the skin is the most important step in keeping the makeup intact all day.

Start by using a cleanser made specifically for oily skin. Skin care products for oily skin will regulate sebum production while clearing the pores of blockages. After cleansing, follow up with a good face scrub to slough off dead skin cells. This way, you have a clean, clear canvas to work with. After exfoliating, follow up with an oil-free moisturizer. Now your face is ready for makeup. Always do your makeup in a cool, well-ventilated area, so you don’t oil up while doing your makeup!

Making Your Base Last

To make the foundation last, you need a matte primer. Primer of any kind is an oily-skinned girl’s best friend! Primer gives the foundation something to stick to. But don’t slather thickly. Use the primer sparingly in places where you oil up a lot. Usually, that’s the T-zone or the inner parts of the face. Let the primer absorb well before moving on to the foundation.

For foundation, you want a long-wearing, oil-free formula. Usually, these foundations are water-resistant too. Dot the right amount of foundation on the inner parts of the face. Using your fingers or a make-up brush, blend the product outward. Apply foundation on places where you need it. You don’t want to pile too much product on.

For blush and highlighters, opt for cream-to-powder formula. This formula gives you more a minute to play around. Then, the product will set in place in a comfortable powder finish.

Making Eye Makeup Last

Some women have very oily lids, so eye makeup tend to slip and slide. To prep the eyes, use an eye primer too. Just apply thinly on the lids and under eyes too. The product will lock the pigment, so it doesn’t migrate to other parts of the face! Make sure to use long-wearing eye shadows and waterproof mascara to keep the eye makeup in place all day.

Oil-Proofing the Eyebrows

Finding a good eyebrow product used to be a struggle several years ago. But these days, makeup junkies are given so many options. To set the brows in place, use a brow pomade or a hard eye pencil. These products work well for oily skin. Finish off the brows by brushing a clear brow gel. The gel will set the pigment, so they don’t fade or melt.

Use a Setting Spray

Once you’ve completed your full face, add a couple of spritz of makeup setting spray. A makeup setting spray will “seal” your makeup in place all day!

Blotting Powder and Oil-Absorbing Sheets

To keep oil at bay, don’t leave home without a blotting powder or oil-absorbing sheets in handy. These products will absorb oil without disturbing your makeup.

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