How to Make Running Painless: A Short Guide for Beginners

Photo credit: Bigstockphoto
Photo credit: Bigstockphoto

Running is one of the best exercises that you can do if you want to lose weight. It’s relatively easy to do and best part of all, it’s free! You don’t have to pay monthly just for running (unless of course you choose to do it in a gym) and you can do it anywhere, any time! However, if you haven’t tried running before out of being too lazy then it’s time that you do. For beginners, running can be tough but with a few helpful tips in this article, you might find that running isn’t so bad after all and you will enjoy your first run too.

For those who are new in the running field, you have to remember these things if you want to experience less pain while running.

Choose the right shoes

This is one of the many mistakes that people do. They think that shoes don’t matter just as long as you can run in them – you can’t. Choose the best light-weight, running shoes that you can find. If you don’t have any idea, ask friends and family members who run if they can recommend you the right kind of shoes you need.

Choose a good route and place to run

Don’t just run without any destination or route. Find one that is easy to get access to, has a good road surface and one that is comfortable. I mean, you really don’t want to run in the woods, right? The best way to start running is around parks where people often run. You can also try running around your neighborhood if you like. However, if you don’t want people to see you, running in the gym is the best way to go. Of course, if you have a treadmill at home then, should I say more?

Choose the right clothes

When you are running, you need to be comfortable. Keep in mind that you will be sweating, so it’s best to choose clothes that will make you comfy as you go. Depending on the weather of course, it is always best to run with light clothes on. This way you are comfortable even if you run for miles and miles.

Stretching is a must

If you want to run, don’t just run like a maniac the first time. Remember that you need your muscles to be ready for this. So what you need to do is to stretch those muscles first before even stepping out of your house. Make sure that you stretch them well and good so that you don’t experience any pinched muscle after five minutes of running. Do a bit of cardio before you go, this will get your muscles ready and pumping. Spare at least 5-10 minutes of stretching and cardio if you can, this way your muscles are fully ready.

Run with the right stride

To run the correctly, make sure to keep your head straight. Don’t hunch your shoulders, it should be back down, relaxed and not tensed. Keep your hands relaxed; a 90 degree angle is the ideal way of bending your arms when running. Swing them back and forth as your run. Don’t swing them sideways as it will be a waste of energy. Lean forward when you are running with hips stable. Some runners tend to lift their knees high but it’s not really the proper way. Try to lift your knees forwards rather than upwards and land with a slight bend on the knee. Try to aim for a mid-foot strike when you are running. This is the safest way to run for recreational runners. Avoid striking the ground with your heel or forefoot; it will only contribute pain. Run lightly and make sure that your weight is not dragged down on the ground. Lastly, make sure to breathe deeply and rhythmically. Breathing through your mouth or nose will do the trick and will also help you from collapsing.

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