How to Make Vegan Dishes More Exciting

Photo by: Bigstockphoto
Photo by: Bigstockphoto

Going vegan takes commitment especially if done for a cause. Most people think that vegan dishes are tasteless and boring, but it’s really not! As long as you are open to new ideas and you’re willing to explore different flavors and textures, there’s no reason why you won’t develop mouth-watering vegan recipes on your own! But how do you make vegan dishes fun, exciting and even more delicious? Consider these tips:

Do Vegan Versions of Your Favorite Dishes

A simple yet effective way to ease yourself into switching to veganism is to turn your favorite meat dishes into vegan-friendly ones. You’d be surprised at the variety of faux meats you can find at your local grocery. For instance, if you love burritos, then use vegetarian beef crumbles in place of ground beef. You can keep all the other ingredients you love as long as they are vegan-friendly. You can also use soy products or refried beans as alternatives to pork and beef. The possibility is endless!

Look for New Recipes

One way to make vegan eating more fun is to look for ways to make every meal as appetizing as possible. You can do that by looking for different recipes and trying them out as often as you can! You can do this by checking for vegan cookbooks or going online to search for vegetarian recipes. Focus on less complicated recipes that feature ingredients you can find at your local grocery. Do this often and before you know it, you’ve become accustomed to whipping up great-tasting vegan dishes!

Try New Mock Meat and Faux Dairy

Since veganism became popular, many companies offer cruelty-free mock meats. These meat alternatives are high in protein, low in fat and contain zero cholesterol.

From hotdogs to burgers, there are loads of faux meat varieties to try! You can make your own veggie patties and meatballs or buy faux meat, faux deli slices and meatless BBQ riblets at any grocery store. Now that you’ve sworn off dairy products, you can check out various alternatives such as soy milk, vegan cheeses, non-dairy ice cream and soy yogurt.

Sampling Vegan Microwaveable Meals

The great thing about being vegan is that you can prepare your meals in 10 minutes or less. Vegan ingredients are easier to prepare because of the faster cooking time. But if you’re a busybody who has very little time to prepare your own dishes, then why not try various vegan microwavable meals and snacks? These meals are available in most convenience stores.

Checking for Vegan-Friendly Restaurants

Want to eat out? Check for various vegan and vegetarian-friendly restaurants in your local area online. Most vegan restos offer affordable, delicious vegan meals. But if you want to know more about a specific restaurant, we recommend calling them up and inquiring how they prepare the dishes. You can also ask your friends for recommendations for a special night out.

If say, your favorite restaurant does not serve vegan-friendly meals, you can call them up and ask if they can take a requested meal. Most chefs are more than happy to accommodate guests especially for restaurants with unchanged menus.

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