How to Sag-Proof the Skin

Photo by: Bigstockphoto
Photo by: Bigstockphoto

As far as the skin goes, everything goes downhill once you reach your 30s. At this point, all the sins of your 20s will show up on the face. Of course, science can offer groundbreaking treatments to minimize signs of aging. But preserving the firmness of the skin is a different thing altogether. There are ways to keep the skin youthful and prevent sagginess. In today’s post, we are giving tips on how to sag-proof the skin straight from the experts:

Wear Your Sunscreen

At the center of any skin care routine is the sunblock. The sun is the major cause of skin aging. Ultraviolet rays destroy the skin tissues and this leads to sagginess and wrinkles. A sunblock is your first defense against the sun’s damaging rays so slather it on and apply it thick. Don’t forget to apply topical antioxidants to give your skin a much-needed boost!

Say No to Cigarettes and Alcohol

Smoking minimizes oxygen flow, leaving the skin dry, wrinkly and saggy. Chemicals in cigarette smoke break down collagen and elastin. It also reduces the level of estrogen, an essential hormone for keeping the skin youthful. Now, add that to alcohol which increases insulin level, triggering low-grade inflammation. All these things could cause the skin to sag and dry out! If you want to retain the skin’s supple texture, then quit smoking and alcohol drinking altogether.

Use the Right Skin Care Products

It’s just as important to adjust your skin care products according to your age. The skin cream you loved in your 20s might not work as well when you enter your 30s. We recommend using creams enriched with retinoids and peptides at night. These compounds will boost collagen production and speed up cell turnover. If your skin gets a little too inflamed from retinoids, dilute it with your moisturizer. Or get the lowest dosage and gradually increase the dosage.

Start using eye cream when you hit your 30s. Dot the product under the eyes and spread gently using your ring finger. We recommend an eye cream enriched with caffeine. This nutrient will prevent puffiness and reduce dark circles. Caffeine also contains antioxidants that fight premature aging!

Exfoliate Your Skin

Skin products won’t absorb as efficiently if your skin is covered with dead skin cells. Dead skin cells make the skin dull and dry. It also leads to sagginess! Ideally, you want a face exfoliation cream with non-abrasive scrubs. If you have an electronic cleaning brush, use it twice or thrice per week. The important thing is to keep the skin free from dead skin cells to reveal the younger skin layer underneath.

Don’t Forget the Neck!

Don’t just focus on the face – your neck needs a lot of TLC too! The last thing you want is for your neck to give away your real age.

The neck skin is thinner than the skin on your face. That makes the neck extra sensitive to environmental stressors. So make sure to use any skin care products on the face down to the neck. That includes antioxidant creams, retinoids, peptides and sunscreen!

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