How to Spot Fake Oakley Sunglasses

Photo by: Bigstockphoto
Photo by: Bigstockphoto

Oakley is renowned for its light, durable and high-performance sunglasses.  Unfortunately, counterfeit issues also plague the brand. And sometimes, counterfeiters are so good at making fake Oakleys, it’s hard to tell if the product is authentic or not. You can prevent fakes if you have a meticulous eye for details. If you are not confident about your ability to spot a fake, consider the tips below:

Look for the Certificate of Authenticity

All genuine Oakley sunglasses will come with a certificate of authenticity and warranty card. Fake Oakley sunglasses do not have the same documentation. Check the certificate of authenticity, go to Oakley’s official website and see if the printed model corresponds to the product on the online catalog.

Check the Hard Case

A great way to spot a fake is to check the hard case, not the sunglasses. If the hard case appears to be made from flimsy materials, you might’ve bought a fake. Oakley hard cases and pouches are durable to prevent scratching. The material of the packaging is high in quality, period. If the packaging does not have logos, there’s a good chance it’s fake.

Markings and Serial Number

Authentic Oakley sunglasses are made in the US. Therefore, the sunglasses should have the mark “Made in the U.S.A,” printed prominently on the product. In addition, there should be a series of numbers marking the other arm of the sunglasses. This is the serial number of the product. You can check online to verify the serial number.

Checking the Material

Oakley sunglasses have a distinct heft to them. Just like any high-end sunglasses, Oakley sunnies are made of high-quality materials. These materials are assembled well and shouldn’t feel flimsy at all. If you see weird gaps or loose hinges, it’s either you got a fake or you bought a defective product. If it’s the latter, return the sunnies to the store and have it replaced.

Lens Stickers

Genuine Oakley sunglasses do not have lens stickers on the lenses. If a vendor is pushing the product, saying that the sticker is proof that the sunglasses are authentic, don’t fall for it. Most vendors will say all sunglasses are required to have a UV protection or polarization stickers, including high-end sunglasses. This is not true at all.


Check the rubber nosepiece of the sunglasses. An authentic pair of Oakley sunglasses is fitted with soft cushions that conform well to the shape of your nose-bridge. If the cushions are stiff, flimsy or break easily, you might’ve bought a fake.

Also, an authentic pair of sunglasses should have the Oakley logo on the nose piece. The logo shouldn’t wear off when rubbed with fingers or a pencil eraser.

Trusted Sellers

If you’re willing to spend a small fortune on a pair of sunglasses, get it from a trusted seller. The last thing you want is to pay hundreds of dollars only to get a cheap but very realistic fake. If you’re unsure, go online and check stores that offer genuine products. Check their prices as well. Oakley sunglasses do not fluctuate in prices. If the sunglasses are cheaper than the actual cost you see online, it could be fake.

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