How to Stop a Sugar Addiction

Photo credit: madlyinlovewithlife / Flickr
Photo credit: madlyinlovewithlife / Flickr

Do you consider sugar to be one of the essential food groups? Are you a sucker for a cookie, cake, or other sweet treats? If so, you may be experiencing the effects of sugar addiction, a problem that affects countless Americans. The result? Weight gain, fatigue, and a general loss of energy and motivation. The good news is you can win the battle and reduce your cravings for sugar. Here’s how to stop sugar addiction:

Eat more protein.

Protein tends to promote a feeling of fullness and can help to lessen sugar cravings. Add protein to every meal as well as one or two protein snacks throughout the day. Good choices are hard boiled eggs, cottage cheese, edamame, or a handful of nuts.

Improve your sleep habits.

People who sleep fewer than six hours a night, have more of a tendency to gain weight and crave carbohydrates. To stop sugar addiction, don’t skimp on sleep time.

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