How To Stop Smoking 8 Reasons

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Photo credit: Bigstockphoto

7. Get a Support Group

Team up with others to make this work! Find a local support group and other smokers who are making it their mission to kick the habit. Involve your family and friends, ensuring you always have someone you can count on when you are overcome with the urge to light up another cigarette. You may find it incredibly helpful to get involved in a group exercise program with people you enjoy as you all jog, walk, or attend an exercise class together. Team work will do wonders in helping you to stay motivated. Your loved ones will thank you when you are doing something that will help you to live longer.

8. Give Yourself a Major Incentive

When you decide to quit smoking, set up a special reward for yourself that will keep the fire of determination burning bright. If there’s a cruise you want to go on or you’re due for a new car, this is the perfect incentive to quit smoking. Pay yourself the money that would have been spent to light up. With the skyrocketing price of cigarettes, you won’t believe how quickly your money will start adding up. Put it in a special jar in your home and look at it every time your will power needs a little boost. Watch the jar quickly fill week after week. You’ll be ready for that reward sooner than you think!

No one will tell you that quitting smoking is easy. However, you can overcome this addiction. Form a plan of attack and stick with it. If you slip and fall, pick yourself up again. Try a variety of approaches, from using a smoking cessation drug to changing your diet and getting into an exercise routine. Keep at it until you make it happen. Put smoking behind you and never look back.

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