How to Train According to Your Body Type

Photo by: Bigstockphoto
Photo by: Bigstockphoto

Did you know that working out according to your body type would lead to better gains and faster weight loss? Our bodies are different, they respond to stimulus differently too. To help you achieve the body you have always dreamed of, we are listing down expert tips to training according to your body frame:


An endomorph has a full figure with accumulated fat around the lower abdomen, thighs, and hips. Unlike other body types, endomorphs always struggle with weight loss. The good news is, endomorphs can achieve a slimmer physique just like other people. But it will take a lot of work and commitment!

If you are an endomorph, we recommend starting your program with low impact cardio workout. The extra fat you carry around the midsection and thighs add stress to the bones with every step you take. Low impact cardio exercises torch calories effectively without damaging the joints and bones. Instead of high impact workouts like tennis, jogging, or running, we recommend swimming, weight lifting, and biking. Most endomorphs tend to be shy around skinny people at the gym so consider engaging in non-competitive sports like volleyball!

Compound exercises – such as squats, lunges, and step-ups – are perfect for endomorphs too. These moves boost muscle gains, especially in the hamstrings, glutes, and quads. Because most endomorphs are bottom heavy, focus on upper body exercises to achieve balance.


Ectomorphs are the exact opposite of endomorphs. These individuals have very long, skinny limbs and a thin body. Most ectomorphs have a flat chest with little muscle mass. To achieve a fit, trim body, we recommend adding resistance training to your fitness routine. You will also benefit from swimming especially if you are trying to develop curves. Submerging the body in water will force the body to provide extra fat for insulation. The resistance from the water helps improve muscle tone.

Ectomorphs tend to have very thin, fragile bones prone to osteoporosis. To reduce the risk of bone disease, we recommend workouts that boost bone strength and density. Workouts such as planking, pushups, deadlifts, and squats are great for ectomorphs.

Most ectomorphs have a fatty midsection so focus on workouts that target the core and the abdominal muscles. Just pay close attention to your form to reduce the stress on the spine!


Mesomorphs are gifted with a strong, naturally athletic body that is neither flabby nor fragile. This body frame is sometimes deemed as tomboyish among women. Mesomorphs tend to bulk up quite easily with the littlest of effort so for women who want to achieve a leaner frame, we recommend stretching exercises like Pilates and Yoga. Breathing exercises also help boost lung capacity while conditioning the muscles.

For male mesomorphs, achieving bulging biceps and washboard abs are much easier because this body frame is perfect for building muscles. But if you want to achieve leaner frame, control the weights you use when lifting.

Compound lower body exercises help rebalance the body and build muscles. One thing to consider when performing compound lower-body movements is the rest periods. You want to increase the weight and rest periods regularly to challenge the body and achieve a more flattering shape.

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