How to Use a Shake Weight Workout Routine for Shoulders, Arms and Chest Exercises

Photo by: Bigstockphoto
Photo by: Bigstockphoto

Are you looking for a new way to exercise? Perhaps you want to try new products and equipment for exercising? If you are then you will enjoy using the shake weights. This fun and easy gadget is designed for people who want to enjoy a good workout at home or in their office without putting so much strain. To know how you can use shake weights for your shoulders, arms and chest, this article can help you with that.

What are Shake Weights?

Shake weights are devices used to tone the biceps, chest, shoulders and triceps. It is designed specifically for women to help tone their arms specifically the biceps and triceps. It is simply a modified dumbbell with oscillates as it increases the effects of the exercise. It first came out in 2010 and was invented by Johann Verheem.

Workouts to try

There are four specific workouts that you can do when you are using shake weights. If you happen to be looking for a good way to practice your shake weights, here are four exercises that you can follow for your shoulders, arms and chest.

Behind the Head

This exercise, as the name goes, is done behind your head of course. You are targeting the triceps in this exercise so you need to place the shake weight behind your head with your palms firmly grasping it with both hands. Your elbows should be at a 90 degree angle with your lower arms parallel to the floor. By shaking the weights, these exercises will simple start working on your biceps and triceps with ease.

Single Hand Side

This move usually uses one arm at a time. What you need to do is to grasp the shake weight with one hand, holding it out to the sides and shake it back and forth. This motion also targets your triceps as well as the shoulders. Do these exercises until your arms feel tired then switch with the other arm. Repeat the same procedure.

Double Hand Front

This exercise is among the simplest that you can do. What you do is you simply hold the shake weight in front of you with your hands. Grip on it firmly and then just shake it. This exercise concentrates on the shoulders, chest and arms. When you can feel the burn then you know that your exercise routine is working correctly.

Side to Side

This exercise routine uses one art at a time. By holding it out to the side with your arms bent, shake it from side to side instead of back and forth. This concentrates on the arm muscles and chest.

As you do your exercises, make sure to get a good control of your shake weights. Controlling the weights will give you more results and avoid injuries at the same time. If you want to learn more exercises with the use of this equipment, you can always find video tutorials online. Not only will they guide you with your exercise but will also demonstrate the different ways that you can use your shake weights while working out.

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