How to Wean Yourself Off Sodas and Fizzy Drinks for Good

Photo by: Bigstockphoto
Photo by: Bigstockphoto

Drinking a soda every now and then seems innocent enough. After all, a can of cola three to four times a week can’t hurt, right?

Wrong. Calories from soda add up to the calories you consume from the food you eat. The extra calories will go straight to your hips. Worse, drinking sodas regularly could lead to bad teeth and bone disease! To lead a healthy lifestyle, you need to avoid drinking your calories away and stick to water instead. Below are tips to help you stop drinking sodas for good:

Start Gradually

Sugar addiction is just as dangerous as drug addiction. That’s why quitting sodas are so hard. Our body is literally addicted to sugar and quitting cold turkey could lead to a relapse. Instead of quitting right away, wean yourself off sodas gradually. If say, you usually drink a couple of glasses of cola after every meal, cut back to a glass or two in a day. From there, slowly reduce your consumption of soda until the body becomes used to the reduced sugar intake.

Mix with Water

If you are having trouble weaning yourself off soda, you can mix the serving with water so you end up drinking less soda. Start by drinking half a glass of soda followed by half a glass of water to make for one glass of mixed drinks. This trick will cut your soda consumption in half.

Go for Herbal or Unsweetened Tea

A great alternative to sodas or fizzy drinks is herbal or unsweetened tea. Herbal teas and unsweetened teas are just as refreshing as a cold glass of soda but without the excessive sugars! Even better, teas and herbal teas are packed with antioxidants that protect the body from oxidative stress. You can flavor your favorite herbal tea with a sprig of mint, a dash of lemon or a little honey.

Start with Water

If say, the craving for soda hits, do not cave into your cravings right away! Instead, drink a big glass of cold water first. This ought to reduce the urge for a soda. But if you’ve downed a glass of water and you are still craving for soda, reconsider if it is worth caving into your cravings.

Try Carbonated Water

Most times, soda addicts crave the carbonation, not the taste of the drink. If this is the case with you, we recommend giving seltzer water a try. You can buy seltzer by the bottle or make one at home. Add natural flavors to your DIY seltzer water by adding sliced berries, cucumbers or watermelon or a dash of your favorite herb. Finish up with several ice cubes and you got yourself a refreshing drink!

Make Water Infusion at Home

You can turn regular water into flavored water by filling up a water jug with your favorite fruits. We recommend slicing up fruits in season and then adding a dash of lemon or lime juice. Fill the jug with water and stick it in the fridge to chill for a couple of hours. Water infusions are not only refreshing; they are also good for your health!

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