How Water Contributes to Weight Loss

Photo by: Bigstockphoto
Photo by: Bigstockphoto

It seems everyone knows that water can help a person lose weight but how exactly? What does proper hydration have anything to do with weight loss?

In a study published in the Food and Nutrition Board at the Institute of Medicine, women who drank 15 cups of water a day lost significant weight without changes in lifestyle and activity level. Although most experts are divided over the effects of water in weight loss, there is no doubt that proper hydration does a body good. In today’s post, we are outlining the likely reasons water consumption leads to healthy weight loss. We will also share tips to utilizing water to achieve a slimmer frame:

Boosts Satiety

Clinical tests show that drinking water before and during meals increases satiety among participants. Boosted meal satiety is associated with a lower overall calorie intake. All these leads to gradual weight loss.

Speeds Up the Metabolic Rate

Studies show that consuming 8 glasses of water daily helps speed up the metabolic rate. Proper hydration puts the body in a thermogenic state, which leads to better fat burning. When the body is able to process the food you eat, you burn more calories.

Mobilizes Stored Fat

It is hard to lose weight if you have a very slow metabolic rate. When the body burn the food you eat rather than stored fat, you are more likely to gain unwanted weight. Proper hydration triggers the body to burn off stored fat, converting fat cells into energy.

How to Lose Weight Through Proper Hydration

Drink Before and During Meals

Water is a natural appetite suppressant. It fills the stomach nicely, triggering satiety. Drinking water before and during meals will make you feel fuller for longer. When you feel full, you are less likely to eat more. According to WebMD, drinking water before eating could lead to consuming 75 calories less per meal.

Replacing Fizzy Drinks with Water

Do you love sodas, fizzy drinks, or carbonated beverages? These drinks contain copious amounts of sugars that cause weight gain, obesity, diabetes, and other chronic diseases. Instead of chugging down cans of sodas, drink water. Water will fill you up, lubricate the organs, and flush out toxins from the system without the excess sugars. Not a fan of drinking water? Try replacing it with seltzer water or eating fruits and vegetables with high water content!

Go for Ice Cold

According to a WebMD editorial piece, ice cold water boosts the metabolic rate. The cold temp of the water forces the body to work harder to balance the internal temperature. This leads to a faster metabolic rate.

Drink Water During Exercising

Nothing quenches the thirst quite like water and sports drinks make a poor substitute. Drinking water in between workouts lubricates the joints, prevents muscle cramps, and nourishes the cells. Proper hydration ensures that the fluids you lose through sweat are replaced.

Follow the 8×8 Rule

What is the 8×8 rule and why is it relevant to your weight loss routine? The 8×8 rule is simply drinking 8 8-ounce glasses of water every day to maintain an ideal weight. This rule is recommended by most nutritionists for its positive effects on the body.

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