Importance of Washing Your Face Twice Daily

Photo by: Bigstockphoto
Photo by: Bigstockphoto

Clear, pimple-free skin is easy to achieve as long as you adopt the right skin care routine. And the foundation of any skin care routine is a clean face. We all know that sleeping with your makeup on will wreck havoc on the skin! Makeup will clog the pores, cause breakouts and speed up aging!

Cleansing your face twice daily is the ideal way to keep the skin clean. No matter how lazy you are at night, always remove your makeup before going to bed. But don’t overdo it. Washing your face more than twice daily could strip the skin of moisture and natural oils. We recommend washing your face once in the morning sans a cleanser (just wash with water) and at night before retiring to bed. To achieve the best wash as possible, consider these tips:

Use Lukewarm Water

High temperature is also drying on the skin. So the temperature of the water is important when it comes to cleansing. Lukewarm water will loosen dirt accumulated on the skin throughout the day. It also opens up the pores and melts oils. Do not rinse your face with hot water; it will do more harm than good. Apart from hurting the skin, washing with hot water will not open up the pores.

Double Cleansing

Double cleansing refers to a method wherein an oil-based cleanser is applied and then followed by a traditional foaming cleanser. This practice is the norm in skin-obsessed Asia. If you apply makeup every day then it makes sense to double cleanse. Double cleansing might sound overly drying, but it’s not. That’s because it requires a hydrating makeup remover first to melt off makeup.

Makeup – especially waterproof ones – are notoriously hard to remove. Your face won’t be as clean if you just use a cleanser and water to remove makeup. Longwearing foundations and sweat proof cosmetics need an oil-based makeup remover. After applying and rinsing an oil-based makeup remover, follow up with your favorite cleanser. Pat dry, apply toner and then moisturize. Those who are prone to acne will benefit from double cleansing. But as long as you wear makeup, you have to double cleanse regardless of your skin type.

Mild Face Cleansers

Always use mild face cleansers that will not strip the skin of moisture. Skin dryness will lead to over-production of oil. This will cause acne, irritation, and premature aging! We recommend low or non-foaming cleansers instead of foaming cleansers. Most foaming cleansers contain sulfates that irritate the skin and cause dryness. Some people are also sensitive to skin care chemicals.

If you suffer from acne, then turn to milky cleansers. Milky cleansers contain soothing botanicals that will ease irritation, prevent breakout and hydrate the skin. If you have dry skin, opt for cream or non-foaming facial cleansers.

Washing with Care

Don’t just slap on a cleanser and rub your skin. Always wash your face with gentle hands. Also, massage the cleanser in an upward motion, never downwards. You don’t want to help gravity pull your skin down. Give your skin a little massage when you wash it. This will improve blood circulation, slough off dead skin cells and refine the texture of your skin!

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