Important Factors to Consider Before Getting Botox Treatment

Photo by: Bigstockphoto
Photo by: Bigstockphoto

Botox refers to a drug derived from the bacterium, Clostridium botulinum. In large doses, botulinum toxin can cause a slow, agonizing death. But in small doses, this neurotoxin simply paralyzes the muscles temporarily, leading to a smooth, youthful-looking skin. That’s why botulinum toxin – better known as Botox – became one of the most popular methods of keeping the skin wrinkle-free.

A small amount of the toxin is injected right into the muscle. The muscle becomes paralyzed, causing the skin over it to become smooth. The effects of a Botox treatment can last up to a couple of months. While Botox treatment has its own advantages and disadvantages, it’s not for everyone. Before trying the procedure yourself, consider these factors first:

Do Your Research

Botox injections became so in demand that some service providers even host “Botox parties.” While there’s nothing wrong with sipping cocktails as you get injected with a toxic compound in the face, always consider the qualifications of the person administering the drug. There are cases wherein beauty staff injected Botox on the wrong muscles, causing temporary disfigurement! Before going through the procedure, do your homework first. This is the only way to guarantee the best results.

Keep Your Health in Check

You’ll have to go through screening and physical exams to determine if you are fit for a Botox injection. You see, this procedure is not major, but it carries a lot of risks. Those who suffer from neuromuscular disorders, such as multiple sclerosis and nerve disorders are not good candidates for Botox. Pregnant and lactating women are also discouraged from taking this treatment. So make sure to keep your health in check before having this procedure done.

Risks Factors of Botox

Essentially, Botox is a poison that you’re willingly injecting on your face. As such, the toxin carries health risks. According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, botulinum toxin can trigger flu-like symptoms, nausea, and facial weakening. It can also cause minor discomforts like redness and inflammation, headaches and bruising. In extreme cases, botulinum toxin can cause difficulty in breathing, swallowing and speaking. Our advice is to consult your doctors first to learn more about the risks of Botox treatments.

Have a Realistic Expectation

Have a realistic set of expectations because Botox can only do so much. Don’t expect it to take years off your face. It won’t alter your appearance in any way nor make you feel better about your own appearance. Botox is not a magical solution that will resolve other issues you might have about yourself.

It’s not Permanent

If you’re happy about the results, do know that the effects won’t last. You’ll have to get it done several times per year to reap the benefits of Botox. Unfortunately, this is where Botox becomes expensive very quickly. Also, Botox treatment is not exactly painless so if you have a low pain threshold, you’ll have to deal with the pain. Otherwise, you have to look for other ways to maintain youthful-looking skin.

Keeping it Natural-Looking

Just like any beauty-enhancing procedure, less is definitely more. Remember, Botox will paralyze the muscles, limiting facial movement. And you need a moderate range of movement to express yourself or conduct normal activities. In addition, you don’t want to be stuck with a frozen face for months!

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