Increasing Speed, Endurance, and Agility Using Jumping Rope

Photo by: Bigstockphoto
Photo by: Bigstockphoto

Don’t skip rope jumping during your training; it’s an effective method to build speed, agility, and endurance! Pro athletes add jumping rope to their training to strengthen the legs, build running endurance, and keep the joints they use when running even stronger but with less impact. Jumping rope also helps maintain coordination and balance! This is why pro athletes like boxers, basketball players, football players, and sprinters’ fitness routine isn’t complete without skipping some rope. Any type of sport that requires being quick on your feet uses jumping rope as part of training.

Jumping Rope Benefits

Skipping rope will target the calves, quads and glutes. It will also engage the chest, back, shoulders, and triceps. Because all these muscle groups are engaged when you skip rope, the exercise will help you build power, endurance, and balance over time — all of which are important when you’re running. In fact, according to the International Sports Conditioning Association, jumping rope is equivalent to running. You burn as much as 12 to 15 kcal every minute you skip rope!

What’s more, the quick footwork in skipping rope helps improve a runner’s performance; so if you’re a competitive runner, you will definitely benefit from jumping rope. Distance runners, on the other hand, can benefit from jumping rope because it helps improve posture work. For instance, if you tend to run with a hunched back or with rounded shoulders, try jumping rope. It will train your upper body to put itself on the ideal position by straightening the spine.

If you’re worried about the impact on the knees when you skip rope, know that the impact is far less than jogging or sprinting. Jumping rope is mainly a weight-bearing exercise but is much kinder to the joints and knees because of the static motion.

Adding Jumping Rope in Cross Training

Cross training means utilizing different types of fitness activities in one workout. This is usually done by pro athletes but any fitness buff could try it out for a well-rounded training too! Through cross training, you will quickly enhance your strength and performance by giving your strained muscles time to rest. Cross training also helps improve the cardiovascular system and increases endurance to carry you over from one sport into another.

Why You Should Start Rope Jumping Today

Jumping rope seems so easy, anyone can do it. But it works multiple muscle groups and burn off calories faster. The footwork required to skip rope is key to its ability to improve a person’s balance and coordination.

Jumping rope has so many health and fitness benefits in one small package. Imagine shedding off weight and improving your performance without a home gym. That’s basically what jumping rope does. It’s simple, fun, and effective workout and you don’t have to buy bulky gym equipment. So always keep jumping rope in your gym bag and look for ways to use it beyond the gym. You can jump ropes virtually anywhere and anytime. For instance, you can use your jumping rope while waiting for a bus, while watching your favorite shows, etc. You can get as creative as you want.

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