Intermittent Fasting: How to Do It and What are The Benefits

Photo by: Bigstockphoto
Photo by: Bigstockphoto

Intermittent fasting refers to different diets that alternate periods of fasting and non-fasting. It’s a form of restrictive diet program. Intermittent fasting comes in different variations. One is called alternate day fasting or ADF. This program involves a 24-hour fast followed by another 24 hours of non-fast. Essentially, you alternate fasting and non-fasting to every other day.

The other variation of intermittent fasting is called modified fasting. This diet cuts back the average caloric intake by up to 20% on fasting days. Some health experts claim that intermittent dieting is beneficial because it increases fat loss. It also accelerates the metabolic health and keeps the body healthy. Currently, intermittent dieting has very little following. Although more research is needed to verify its benefits, below are some of the supposed advantages of intermittent dieting:

Keeps the Digestive Tract Healthy

The key to effective weight loss is a healthy gut. If your digestion is slow, it delays fat burning. It also disrupts the normal metabolic rate of the body. Intermittent fasting helps improve digestion and promotes normal bowel movement. It also helps boost the metabolic rate and facilitate in faster fat burning.

Flushes Out Toxins

Fasting is a great way to eliminate toxic buildup in the colon. Most foods contain harmful compounds that accumulate in the gut and colon. These toxins also build up in the organs. Fasting helps cleanse the internal organs and boost the metabolic rate. Harmful compounds are eliminated from the body easily as waste.

Lowers Blood Sugar Level

When you take in less food, your glucose level drops down. This triggers feeling of hunger. However, if you are fasting, the body is burning off fat at a longer rate. Eventually, the lower blood sugar level won’t trigger hunger anymore. This means you don’t overeat when you’re experiencing sugar crashes.

Burn Off More Fat

Who knew fasting could train the body to burn off more fat? Intermitted fasting forces the body to torch accumulated fat by denying it of sugars temporarily. The body usually runs on glucose. But when you are fasting, the body runs on stored fat. This process re-calibrates the body to burn off more fat than normal.

Generates Growth Hormone

Did you know fasting promotes faster fat burning and keeps the muscles strong? When you fast, the body will release human growth hormone. This hormone will facilitate in efficient fat burning and muscle maintenance. You literally get six hours of accelerated fat burning each time you fast!

Improves Eating Habits

Perhaps one of the most important benefits of intermittent fasting is it trains the mind to eat better. Let’s face it, we lose track of what we eat when we’re busy. We often turn to fast food for a quick bite. Over time, this leads to unhealthy diet and weight gain. It also results in various diseases.

But when you’re fasting, you change your perception of food. Your eating habits improves. You are no longer focused on unhealthy foods but wholesome ones instead.  You understand that what you eat affects your perception, not just the body or health. You will discover what kinds of foods your body really needs. After fasting, you come out of it knowing more about your own body.

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