Is Cottage Cheese Good for Weight Loss?

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Photo credit: Bigstockphoto

Cottage cheese is a popular food for people who are trying to lose weight. In fact, entire diets have centered around eating cottage cheese. This chunky, cheese curd product has a mild taste that’s appealing to most people and can be “flavor enhanced” by adding fruit or various spices. Is cottage cheese good for weight loss?

Is Cottage Cheese Good for Weight Loss: What’s Good about It?

Cottage cheese is a healthy source of calcium, which does more than just build strong bones. According to some studies, eating dairy foods rich in calcium helps with fat loss because of the effect calcium has on fat metabolism. Cottage cheese is also a good source of casein protein, which makes it filling and satisfying.

There are other benefits to cottage cheese for weight loss. If you buy low-fat or fat-free cottage cheese, you’ll get less than 3 grams of fat and almost 30 grams of protein – all for under 200 calories. There aren’t a lot of foods that give you that much protein and calcium for so few calories.

Cottage Cheese for Weight Loss: It’s Best in Moderation

There are some diets circulated on the internet that encourage people to eat large amounts of cottage cheese – to the exclusion of other foods. Not only is this an unhealthy approach to weight loss, it can lead to constipation from too little fiber – and nutritional deficiencies due to too much focus on a single food.

The best way to use cottage cheese for weight loss is to use it as a substitute for other high-fat dairy products and as a side-dish to replace high-carb white rice or white potatoes. Instead of having a baked potato with a lean chicken breast, have a serving of cottage cheese instead – along with a few vegetables.

Cottage cheese is also a good substitute where you would normally use sour cream or butter – and it’s a powerful breakfast food since it gives you a hefty shot of protein to get your satiety hormones working. Cottage cheese mixed with fruit is a good pre-workout snack that gives you both protein and healthy carbohydrates.

Is Cottage Cheese Good for Weight Loss: The Bottom Line?

Cottage cheese is an excellent food for weight loss as long as it’s part of an overall healthy diet. Stay away from fad cottage cheese diets, and eat cottage cheese the way it was meant to be enjoyed – in moderation.


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