Jumping Rope Tricks for a Full Body Workout

Photo by: Bigstockphoto
Photo by: Bigstockphoto

Jumping rope is easily one of the best cardio workouts out there. But if you want to make jumping rope a part of your fitness routine, you can always tweak it to tone various parts of the body! Feel like expanding your jumping rope repertoire? Below are some of the best jumping rope exercises that will give you amazing results:

The Twist

Just like the popular dance move, the Twist involved twisting the upper body from side to side to tone the midsection. This workout will flatten the belly and shrink the waistline! Start by holding the handles of the jumping rope. Then, flip the rope over to jump but twist the midsection as you jump. Alternate the movement from left to right with every jump to activate the right and left obliques. Make sure to keep the hands facing straight ahead as you twist the body for optimum results.

The V Jump

The V jump is an excellent workout for the core. It also improves balance and coordination. This exercise involves jumping forward and out to the right at an angle on the first rotation of the rope to form the first angle of the ā€œVā€. Then, you have to jump right back to the center, which is the starting position. On the next rotation, jump forward and out to the left at an angle. To complete the “V,” return to the starting position.

The High Knee Run

The high knee run is a modified version of the regular jumping rope movement. It requires driving the knees as if sprinting with every rotation of the jumping rope. This is an extremely challenging exercise that will tone the legs and improve balance. The faster you run the legs, the better.

Side to Side

Hold the jumping rope with both hands. On the first rotation of the rope, extend the right foot to the side then tap the ground with your right toe. On the next rotation of the jumping rope, extend the left foot to the side then tap the ground with your left toe. Do the alternation repeatedly.

Step Kick Front

This exercise is a modified version of a popular aerobic exercise. It takes four rotations to complete the movement. On the first rotation, bounce on your left foot as the right foot comes behind and prepare to kick. On the second rotation of the rope, kick with your right foot while bounding on your left foot. On the third rotation, the right foot should come back to the center and continue to bounce while the left foot comes from behind. On the final rotation, kick the left foot forward then bounce off on the right foot.

Heel Back

On the first rotation, bring the right foot behind with the leg bent. On the second rotation, take two bounces with the right foot then two bounces on the left foot. Keep alternating the feet to tone and strengthen the leg muscles. You can also lower the bounce to engage the glutes.

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