Know the Facts: Don’t Fall for These Fitness Myths!

Photo by: Bigstockphoto
Photo by: Bigstockphoto

Ever wonder why you keep working out and yet see very little results? You might be wasting time and effort on the wrong exercises! In today’s post, we are debunking some of the most common fitness mistakes to minimize wasted workout:

A Treadmill Generated Less Impact on the Knees

Running is one of the most effective yet simple exercises there are. Unfortunately, it’s not exactly kind on the joints. Each time the foot hits the pavement, intense pressure hits the knee. That’s why running or jogging is not ideal for people who are prone to joint pain.

And if you think running on a treadmill is better than running on pavement or asphalt, it’s not. The force of your body on the knees remain unchanged even when you run on the treadmill. We recommend opting for low impact exercises like weight training or using elliptical or stationary bike to stay fit if you suffer from joint problems.

You can Crunch Your Way to Washboard Abs

The quick answer is no, you can’t crunch your way to the abs of your dreams. And no, there is no infomercial abdominal machine that you can use to get rid of belly fat either. That’s because crunches and abdominal machines do not work out the underlying fat in the belly. To sculpt the belly, you have to tone the muscles. This will thin out the thick fat wrapped around the midsection. To do this, you’ll have to combine cardio workout with strength training exercises. This is the only way to decrease your overall body fat percentage.

Cardio Workout will Boost the Metabolic Rate

Yes and no. Yes, the body will continuously burn calories at a slightly higher rate after doing cardio but, unfortunately, the number of calories the body burned after cardio is not statistically significant. In short, the calories you burn after aerobic exercising won’t really make a difference in your overall physique.

Targeted Workout will Melt Fat on Targeted Areas of the Body

Exercising will minimize your body fat percentage. But you have absolutely no control over what part of the body can burn the most fat. That’s because the body randomly burn off stored fat as you work out. The body does not pick a certain area to get stored fat from. So even if you target the abdominals during your routine, you’re not actually burning fat on that area. Yes, you are toning the midsection, but not necessarily thinning out the band of fat in that area.

Weight Lifting will Bulk Up Women

The short answer is no, lifting weights won’t bulk you up. Bulking up like a professional bodybuilder will require a lot of testosterone, a male sexual hormone. Although women have this hormone, it’s not enough to cause muscles to bulge like a man’s toned biceps.

Workout Machines Promotes the Right Form Every Time

The right form is critical in the effectiveness of a certain workout. However, using a machine does not automatically guarantee the right form every time. To maximize the machine, you’ll have to adjust it, according to your weight and height. And you need a professional to assist you in adjusting the machine. Setting up the machine on your own for the first time will not put you into the right position at all.

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