Lifting Weights: The Benefits

Photo credit: A&A Photography / Flickr
Photo credit: A&A Photography / Flickr

Have you ever seen people lift weights in the gym and wonder what benefits can you get from it? If you do then this article will help you with. Lifting weights may seem a bit aggressive to watch but did you know that you can benefit a lot form them? Here are some of the best reasons why you should start lifting today.

  • You can lose fat, fast – cardio is an important part of your gym rituals but it doesn’t really get rid of fat fast enough. When you lift weights, your body loses more fat faster than you think of it. According to studies, people who are on a diet but don’t lift weights lose about 75% of their weight from fat while the 25% is from muscles and this is just the average. Although it can drop your weight, you really won’t see any improvement in your body. Lifting on the other hand helps improve not only your weight but muscles as well. So burning fat and shaping the body sounds like a good deal, don’t you think?
  • You burn more calories than usual – lifting can improve your metabolism at high rates. Since lifting involves the three big muscles needed to lift weights, your metabolism increases more. About 230 calories are burned during an intense training and lifting. So there is a greater chance of burning more calories when you train to lift weights.
  • You build stronger bones – understand that as you grow your bone mass gets heavier. With weight lifting and training, your bone density increases and at the same time elevates the blood levels of osteocalcin. So if you train for this, you will have a greater chance of having strong bones and muscles in the long run.
  • You are keeping a healthy heart – since our heart is the main pumping organ that delivers oxygen in our body, training to lift weights can avoid the risk of getting stroke by 40% and heart attack by 15%. According to research, when a person is lifting weights, the diastolic pressure of the heart is lowered by 8 points which helps prevent the risk of heart attack and stroke for those who do than those who don’t.
  • Your diet will be more effective – for those who don’t lift, dieting is the best way to go but most of the time this diet isn’t as effective. So if you are planning to go on a diet, why not add weight lifting? This will improve your diet effectively compared to not doing any exercise while on a diet. It will also keep you on track as you go about your routine.
  • You will be stress-free – studies show that fit people handle stress way better than those who are not. It is also been proven that the blood pressure of fit people can go back to normal faster than those who are not. So you can say that lifting weights can definitely keep you in shape so you can handle stress easier.

Now if you are not into lifting weights yet then perhaps it’s time that you do. Think about these health benefits! It may be hard at first but you will overcome it, besides, you will surely benefit a lot from this in the future, agree?

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