Liquid Diet to Detox and Lose More Weight

Photo by: Bigstockphoto
Photo by: Bigstockphoto

Most people are wary about working out to lose weight because of various reasons. Some just don’t have the time for it while others believe that there are diet programs out there that will yield the same results. Now, losing weight with as little effort as possible might sound too good to be true but is it?

Perhaps one of the most common types of extreme diet programs out there is the liquid diet. These diet programs are made for people who either want to lose weight or they want to detox their system. As the name implies, liquid diets means you don’t eat solid foods. You get your calories from the drinks you take throughout a certain period of time.

Types of Liquid Diet

There are many variations of the liquid diet. One is where you consume nothing but fruit or vegetable juices or shakes. Juices replace all three meals. You will drink the juice three to four times daily.

Other types of liquid diets include replacing just one or two meals with fruit or vegetable juice. Dinner requires a low-calorie meal and snacks that include power bars or fruits. Other liquid diets will require the consumption of liquid meal replacement beverages and even diet pills. The beverages are formulated to deliver the right amount of nutrients but are low in fat and calories.

Most types of liquid diets can be done on your own for a limited time. But there are some types of liquid diets that require the supervision of a doctor.

Benefits of Liquid Diet

Detoxifies the System

Eating different types of food could cause toxic buildup in the digestive tract and the colon. Some people do cleansing diets to purify the system. Drinking nothing but juices helps clean the stomach and the colon; toxins are flushed out from the system as waste. Some dieters claim that cleansing their system through liquid diet helped restore their health and even increase their energy level.

Rapid Weight Loss

Perhaps one of the most coveted results from taking a liquid diet is to lose more weight without exercising. Because you consume nothing but fruit juices or vegetable juices, the body takes in less calories and carbohydrates. This leads to massive weight loss in most dieters.

Since the body doesn’t consume solid foods, it slowly weans itself away from food that causes addiction, usually unhealthy, greasy, or sugary foodstuff. As such, you will come to a point when you no longer crave certain types of foods, like sweets or salty snacks. That contributes to further weight loss.

Improved Organ Function

When your body is free from toxins, the organs work better. Liquid diet helps the body absorb nutrients much more effectively. Your digestive tract works better and gland function is also improved.

Dangers of Liquid Diet

Just like any fad diets, liquid diets are not cure-for-all weight loss programs. Not all people can do this extreme form of dieting. For one thing, it’s not really designed to make people lose weight; rather, it’s made to cleanse the system. Therefore, you cannot do liquid diets for an extended period. Most doctors recommend doing a liquid diet for 3 days only. Any liquid diet done longer than 3 days could cause malnutrition.

People with medical condition as well as pregnant and lactating women are strictly prohibited from doing the program.

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