Lose More Weight with These Fruits

Photo by: Bigstockphoto
Photo by: Bigstockphoto

Fruits aren’t just part of a healthy diet, some varieties could also trigger faster weight loss! The key is to choose fruits that are high in fiber and low in sugars or carbohydrates. In today’s post, we’ve rounded out the five fruits that will boost your weight loss:


Most types of melons are low in calories and high in fiber. If you must choose, we’d go for watermelon or cantaloupe. Watermelon and cantaloupe are especially high in water content. They are low in carbs, low in sugar and packs a lot of fiber. Just a slice is enough to energize the body. These watery fruits also boost hydration and detoxify the colon!

Lemon and Lime

All types of citrus fruits contain low carbohydrates and are high in vitamin C. These fruits aid in weight loss, normalize bowel movement and purify the colon. Lemon and lime are excellent detoxifiers. They help expel toxic buildup and undigested matter from the body. Because lemon extract is alkaline, it helps restore the natural pH of the gut. Lemon and lime also cleanse the blood and protect from cardiovascular diseases. Citrus fruits also strengthen the immune system!


Coconut is packed with medium chain triglycerides or MCFAs. MCFAs boost the liver’s metabolic rate by up to 30%. These compounds also keep you feeling full for longer. This eliminates snacking or overeating. You also make better food choices. Coconut also contains compounds that boost the thyroid’s gland’s functions. The thyroid gland secretes various enzymes and hormones that regulate the metabolic rate.


Just like lemon and lime, grapefruit aids in weight loss. It’s packed with vitamin C and fiber. A study conducted by Johns Hopkins University found that women who eat grapefruit daily lost 20 pounds in just 13 weeks. This, without changing anything in their lifestyle and diet.


Tomatoes are packed with vitamin C, fiber and phytochemicals. It’s also loaded with lycopene. Lycopene is an antioxidant that protects from cancer. Tomatoes also stimulate the production of amino acids carnitine. Research show that carnitine helps boost the body’s fat-burning ability by one-third!


Strawberry is low in calories, high in fiber and vitamin C! It’s a great fruit for those with a sweet tooth. This berry is also high in water so you feel fuller without gaining weight. A cup of strawberries packs about 50 calories and 7 grams of sugar.


Avocado might be full of fat but it’s the beneficial kind! By boosting beneficial fat into your diet, the metabolic rate works at its most efficient. Avocados yield about 20 grams of healthy fats. This is relatively low over the course of a day. Healthy fats do not just boost the metabolic rate, they also increase testosterone level. This hormone triggers fat loss in both men and women.

Most types of fruits are not fattening – save for those with high glycemic index. Ideally, you want to eat the fruits on their own to avoid unwanted calories. This means no trimmings – like whipped cream or chocolate syrup – to maximize their fat-burning abilities.

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