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Photo credit: Viktor Rosenfeld / Flickr
Photo credit: Viktor Rosenfeld / Flickr

What is really hard is to witness, is young girls, the age of eleven and twelve, complaining about their bodies and the fact that they are too fat. This obsession has really gotten out of control.

If there is constant dieting, there can be problems with your health and worse; after being deprived of food for a long length of time, something may give and you will find yourself binging or even worse. If you start to lose control of your diet, you may find yourself becoming anorexic.

Some people are starting to wonder about alternatives to a constant problem of their weight going up and down like a yo-yo.

One alternative to the yo-yo dieting is called self-regulated eating; often called the anti-diet.

The plan is very simple; if you’re hungry, eat and if you’re not, then, don’t eat. And when you are eating, stop when you get full. You may think this plan to be just a little strange, and you may even gain a little weight before you start to lose, but this will start to get your system back to normal.

If you are trying to lose weight to look like a fashion model, you may be a little disappointed. Studies show that on 1% of the female population have those kinds of natural proportions. So, maybe it’s time we come to terms with this reality and start to make peace with our own bodies.

I’m sure, you’re probably thinking, if I eat when I’m hungry, what’s going to stop me from eating junk food all the time. Well, you may eat like that at first, but it won’t last for too long. Your body will soon start to crave healthy foods and things will all balance out.

So, as you may have already guess, there are no ‘forbidden’ foods in this diet. The reasoning behind this may be a little obvious; if there are no ‘forbidden’ foods, then you won’t have any craving for them and there for won’t probably won’t be doing any binging.

There are times when your body talks to you. So listen, and give it what you feel it needs. The weight may off a little more slowly, but it will stay off a lot longer.

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