Men’s Locker Room Etiquette: Knowing the Acceptable Behavior Behind the Locker Room

Photo by: Bigstockphoto
Photo by: Bigstockphoto

Behaving badly and plainly doing improper practices in the locker room is the easiest way to be booted out of the local gym. The next time you’re letting it all hang in the locker room, mind your manners and keep the following rules in mind:

Rule No. 1: Mind Your Own Business

Let’s face it: You’ll freak out a lot of men if your eyes keep wandering to their junk. You don’t want to be tagged as that weird dude who can’t keep his eyes to himself. If you don’t want to get out of the locker room with a cracked skull, mind your own business. Look straight ahead to the wall as you go, wordlessly. Don’t even try to lock eyes with the guy next to you because that’s probably the most offensive thing you can do in the locker room.

Rule No. 2: Never Invade People’s Personal Space

The men’s locker room is a glorified public bathroom. It’s not your bathroom; it’s not your bedroom. Keep your dirty underwear where it belongs — in your gym bag. The locker room is a place where skin contact is strictly kept at a bare minimum. The only time it’s acceptable to get too close to another guy in the locker room is if the place is packed and you barely have enough room to squeeze yourself in your underwear. And even in cases when the locker room is packed, it’s best to just wait your turn.

Rule No. 3: Avoid Making People Uncomfortable With Your Nakedness

Again, the locker room is not your bathroom and though being naked in there is sometimes unavoidable, don’t be naked for too long. You’ll make a lot of people uncomfortable. If you’re trying to change, do it in stages. Don’t strip naked, walk around letting it all hang and flash everyone. No one will appreciate it. Always keep your clothes within your reach. At the very least, get a towel and cover yourself.

Rule No. 4: Stop Lingering

No reason to stay in the locker room for too long. When you’re done, get out. Do not loiter around; do not linger in weird places. Do not do things you’re not supposed to do in a public space, like obnoxiously talking on your mobile phone, chat with total strangers, or take up space unnecessarily. Get in and get out, fast!

Rule No. 5: Dry Off Before Heading to the Locker

Do not leave puddles of water at your wake. Dry off completely before you step out of the shower. People could get into an accident that way. No muddy shoes either. You don’t want to dirty the place with mud or dog poo. Wear shower shoes when you’re inside the locker.

Rule No. 6: Clean After Yourself

This rule is connected to rule no. 5 — clean after yourself. If you used the sink to shave or clean your face, leave it clean before moving on. Don’t leave your used stuff lying around or splashing water around unnecessarily. Don’t leave your shoes on the bench while you’re in the shower or toilet; no one wants your athlete’s foot. Do not leave your used towel on the floor. Put it neatly in the hamper. Put all your dirty clothes in your own locker.

When you arrive to a clean locker, leave behind a clean locker. Don’t go around leaving a mess for other users to deal with.

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