Mini Meals: Your Secret to Weight Loss

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Photo credit: Bigstockphoto

Losing weight is one of the many challenges that we all have. It’s easy to decide on going on a diet but it’s not easy to actually start the diet. So as a result, we go back to the same routine we have and same diet rather than actually doing something about it; it’s a shame but it’s also the truth. This habit plus the lifestyle we have will eventually result to an unsuccessful weight loss. Now ask yourself this question, aren’t you tired of looking in the mirror and seeing no results at all?

Weight issues have become one of the many problems our society is facing today. This is also the reason why so many people are looking for ways to free themselves from this situation. Now if you are facing this problem then this article will teach you how you can lose weight by eating small meals and stay happy.

What is a mini meal?

A mini meal is not a diet but a way of eating six small meals a day. These small meals may contain any type of food as long as the choices are healthy. Calorie intake is also determined when eating mini meals so it can be helpful in losing weight. Eating mini meals has become a popular practice today. Many nutritionists and health experts are also adapting this philosophy in order to achieve good results. This is basically an eating habit that allows you to lose weight and absorb nutrients more effectively. By eating six small meals each day allows the body to raise its thermic effect which results to a 10% increase in calories being burned.

What are the benefits of eating mini meals?

Eating six small meals each day has its advantages especially when it comes to losing weight. For those who are following a diet, hunger can be a pain in the neck. However when you follow a mini meal plan, hunger is less likely experienced. It also lessens the cravings and boosts your metabolism by keeping it going. Mini meals also help in keeping blood sugar down. Compared to eating three times a day, your blood sugar spikes and drops before your next meal, eating small meals can help avoid that. It is also one of the best ways to control your calorie intake so you don’t have to feel hungry all day. Eating food rich in protein like eggs, yogurt and the likes can help solve your calorie intake. Don’t forget to pair it with fruits and vegetables if you can and make sure that you are hydrated with every meal.


Losing weight is possible and by eating six mini meals each day can make a difference. Sure it might be hard work and forcing yourself to eat six mini meals each day may be hard at first but you will eventually get used to it. So the choice is yours, either you eat three full meals each day or resolve to these mini meals; it’s entirely up to you. Make sure you pick the right choice; after all, it’s your body that will benefit from this. Good luck!

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