Minimizer Bra Shopping Guide

Photo by: Bigstockphoto
Photo by: Bigstockphoto

Contrary to popular belief, having big breasts isn’t all that. Big breasts put a lot of strain on the back. Some women struggle to find flattering clothing to complement their full breasts. And yes, there are cases when big-breasted women will try to hide their “assets.”

The right undergarments count when you want to achieve a seamless silhouette. For big-breasted women, finding the right undergarments is hard because bra sizes are sometimes limited. They need a good minimizer bra to create a slimmer, more flattering shape.

What is a Minimizer Bra?

As the name suggests, a minimizer bra minimizes the breast size. It’s a special bra that spreads the tissues out to various parts of the chest to reduce the size of the breasts. Some minimizer bra companies claim to reduce bra sizes permanently, but this claim requires scientific research. The best minimizer bra will reduce the breast size without constricting breast tissues.

Factors to Consider When Shopping for a Minimizer Bra

Fitting the Bra

This is a priority when fitting a minimizer bra. The fit should be comfortable, it should not cut off your circulation. Start by having yourself measured by a professional. Your cup size, bust, and chest size should be measured to determine the best fitting minimizer bra.

Straps, Pads, and Cups

All kinds of bras came with various pads and straps. They provide support and comfort. When it comes to a minimizer bra, you want one that offers flexibility. Choose a bra that you can wear several ways to fit various dresses. This way, you don’t have to get another bra just to get the job done.

As for the pads, they act as cushion for the skin. Ill-fitting bras will leave red marks on the skin and you don’t want those. Go for a well-padded bra with cushion-y straps. For the bra cups, they should mold comfortably to the breasts. The cups should be free from unsightly bulges called back fat. When fitting the bra, the cups shouldn’t look fake or hollow.

Seamlessness and Fit

The fit should be seamless, comfortable. The bra should help create a flattering silhouette without looking hollow. There should be no noticeable bra lines so you can wear it in sheer clothing. We recommend bras made with thin microfiber. These bras conform to the shape of the breasts without unsightly lines.

When checking the fit, go for minimizer bra that minimizes all around, not just the breasts. The bra should compress the top and bottom chest as well as the sides of the upper body.

Quality and Construction

The minimizer bra should be made well. Depending on the brand, minimizer bras are quite pricey. So always check the construction of the bra. It should be sturdy, comfortable with durable stitching. It would be shame to pay so much for a flimsy product you’ll throw away after a couple of uses. The bra should be secured, it shouldn’t lose its shape even after repeated uses.

Signs of an Ill-Fitting Minimizer Bra

If you can hardly breathe in it, you’re wearing the wrong size. If the straps are causing chafing, it’s too tight. If you get weird bulges on the sides or the back, the bra is the wrong size. Finally, if you cannot run or jump wearing the minimizer bra, the bra is at least two size smaller than your actual size. Remember, comfort is key when finding the right bra. Don’t sacrifice comfort over appearance or price.

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